Has the recession affected next year's IT budget in your organization?

Has the recession affected next year's IT budget in your organization?
IT budget was cut 54% [ 36 ]
IT budget hasn't changed 34% [ 23 ]
IT budget has increased 9% [ 6 ]
I don't know 3% [ 2 ]
Total Votes: 67
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It depends of several issues.

What is the company producing\doing ....
What IT budgets looked like - spending with no reason or not.
It depends on the IT dep. manager.
What are the plans for next year? Maybe integrating some expensive system that the management asked for.

We try to fix everything by our self, to look for the best prices and not to buy something is over our our need and on and on ...
Yes, I know most of you do the same.

This a very complex subject and I'm not involved personally in this, just the tech side .
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From what ive been informed, our budget hasnt been cut, but is going to be closely monitored..... I'd say a lot of IT depts will be the same.
I work in Local government(US). We are tax revenue dependent. We were cut drastically.

...... So much for those new Ultimate gaming rigs for the IT dept. o.O
Local Government also and our budget is gone
I am with a global hospitality company, and as everyone knows hospitality is normally the first hit along with government departments.
We have seen a major reduction in the budgeting process and that unfortunately affect IT badly.
One thing that always makes me smile is the ignorance of some Directors who feel that IT is a bottomless pit.
Because they they put money into IT but cant see physical evidence (something you can physically touch like a car etc.) they dont feel like they are getting value for money.
Increase redundancy and security and effectively have 0% downtime and it gets taken for granted.
But when things go wrong and its due to continued lack of investment that you have pointed out to them countless times....watch the budget increase
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I agree with Defector but

There are things that put it in another light like IP Telephony.
Our managers got softphones on their laptops and when they are at home, travailing or abroad they can talk with the office and each other for free
witch reduces costs.

As I pointed before you can only control what you spend and try to improve anything that is in your power.
Show the changes to the managment and explain in their language and PRAY
Our managers get a full picture of what we are doing and know that we don't throw money away.

The reduction can come only if the company will be in a bad situation.
I trust our managers as they trust IT in preventing such development.

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We are trying to move over fully to server virtualisation, but I have to prove that a little expenditure now, will save a lot in the longer term.
It is not so easy to prove as I.T. Systems are backend things that most users do not see.

Users only notice when things go wrong, not when behind the scenes improvements are made.