Do you tweet?

Do you tweet?
No way! 60% [ 50 ]
No, but I follow 13% [ 11 ]
Yes, for business use 4% [ 3 ]
Yes, for personal use 23% [ 19 ]
Total Votes: 83
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Ashton, CNN, Oprah... the celebrity list keeps growing and the numbers piling high. With 19.1 million worldwide visitors last March alone, it's been hailed the internet's 'next big thing'. But is it? We'd like to hear from you. Do you use twitter? If so, for personal or business use? What are its main advantages and drawbacks? Perhaps you've chosen to steer clear entirely of the latest web 2.0 'fad' sweeping the headlines today?

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Yes, I do.
I joined to twitter in november 2007 and never tweet till last week. There is a competiton in the hungarian twitter community between 3 famous hungarian blogger.
The goal is to achieve, gathering more follower than the others in one month. (more about this: )

Since then I tweet from home (the company doesn't allow twitter) in both languages, and enjoying following, @ben_stiller, @jay_lemon or plenty of my firends.

Last week, I find heaps of interesting "official" or company tweets from MacHeist, Auckland Museum, etc.

If you interested, just follow @pappito

Super SysAider
Need another option, for both personal use and work

I use it mainly for personal use as none of my work colleagues use it. It could be a handy way of sending out alerts/information to the staff masses though
twitter is a shiny, user friendly "net send" isn't it?