February Tip

SysAid CEO
Hello All,

Unbelievable how time flies by! It's now February and I find myself being asked for a new tip already.

This month I would like to provide you with a list of a few features that are now available in version 5.6.X.

While they may seem small, they could in practice make a very big difference to the way you work.

1. Displaying end user’s company phone number
We have added a new variable to the service request notifications. You now have the option to also display the end user’s company phone number in the notifications you receive: ${CompanyPhone}.

For all of you service providers out there, having the company's phone number displayed on the email could save you a lot of time when trying to contact the end user.

2. Customized SysAid desktop icon
In the SysAid Deployment Tool, you now have an option to define your own customized SysAid icon to be deployed across your workstations.

You could decide on an icon that makes sense to your end user, making SysAid more accessible and easier to locate on the desktop.

3. Set user login requirement
It's possible to set an option for the Agent to request end user logins each time a service request is raised. This is very useful for shared workstations which usually have one generic login. It's also very handy in meeting rooms, libraries etc. when end users wish to submit SRs with screenshots and asset details.

This month's tip is very small but I believe that everything starts with the smallest details.

Have a great month.