A tip for better managing high volumes of incoming emails on a daily basis

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For those of you who find themselves lost in their inbox....... Here is a tip that illustrates an idea you can think about and adopt to fit your needs.

Create the following new distribution lists (In Office 2003: File -> New -> Distribution List):

1. Fellow colleges from my organization – this will contain all the emails of the employees in the company you work for
2. Suppliers – A list of all the suppliers that you are in contact with

Create the following new folders under your mailbox (In Office 2003: File -> New -> Folder):
1. Inbox – from my company to me
2. Inbox – from my company in cc
3. Inbox – from my suppliers
4. Inbox – from someone else in my address book
5. Inbox – from an unknown address

Now create some rules to spread all incoming emails among these folders.

In Office 2003 – from the main menu, under : Tools –> Rules and Alerts:
Create a new rule
Choose the first template : Move messages from someone to a folder
Step 1: Next – mark from people or distribution list
Step 2: Click on the links below and choose the list and the target folder

You can mark "Where my name is in the Cc box" or "Where my name is in the To box".

Now you can start viewing and dealing with your inbox not just in chronological order – but according to an order that best fits your priorities.

Good luck !

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SysAid CEO
Good topic, Oded !

I must admit, I'm drowning in emails but recently came across "Inbox Zero" method (part of the GTD - Get Things Done) which improved dramatically my ability to track and respond my tasks.
In few words the idea is not thinking of emails nothing but being a medium and therefore for each email received you either Delete, Delegate, Respond, Defer or Do.
You are then left with your inbox hopefully empty and just the tasks you need to complete.
At least for me, it helped me sort my time much better

2 additional things that work for me:
  • The 2 min rule - if it takes less than 2 min to do something - do it now.

  • Colors in my inbox - I mark certain things (such as emails from SysAid) with specific colors based on subjects and people - helps me focus even better

  • Of course, I manage the tasks afterwards in SysAid - either as SR (for simple tasks) or using the tasks & projects module for longer and more complicated tasks.

    That's my 2 cents - hope it helps...