SysAid Seeks & Destroys in Week-Long Hackathon

SysAid Community Manager Product Team
Hey guys,

This September, our development departments took some time out of the normal routine, and conducted a week-long hackathon to squash as many bugs as we could! The results were smashing, with about 130 bugs fixed, among them:

-User experience fixes
-Support issues
-Restoring archives
-Fixing API bugs
-Adding dynamic browser tab title for service requests
-Identifying important new and regression bugs on mobile & cloud
-Identifying problems with our RDS install
-Fixing regression bugs on the self-service portal
-Advancing mobile projects that were blocked by bugs

I invite you to read more about this in our blog post, written by Dani Peer from our DevOps team.

I'd also like to thank all of our customers who have reported these bugs to us!

Partial Hackathon bug fix list (17.3.60 and 17.4.10):

# Bug / FR Title
28418 Bug Oracle upgrade 16.1, 16.3, 17.2: sql exception on insert into sc_widgets
29030 Bug Upgrade from 17.2.04: server is not running after upgrade (hikari)
28347 Bug Reports are generated without SysAid logo
25533 Bug onlineUsersSelection is missing during broadcast message
25539 Bug UI fix on screen : The subject field should contain up to 256 characters with no linebreaks
26768 Bug Enduser can see screenshots of all incidents ("getscreencapture" parameter in the URL)
29002 FR [MOB] Prepare iOS Panic Button App for iOS 11 release
28933 Bug iOS - iOS 10 -HelpDesk - 'Save' is not saving changes in the ticket
29003 FR [MOB] Prepare iOS Barcode App for iOS 11 release
24995 FR set check box 'visible for admin groups' in bulk
28375 Bug Mobile - Activity tab calculate wrong duration hours
22485 FR Add Gold VIP Agreement to Panic Button app iOS / Android
29129 Bug iOS - Panic -User can't login- Keyboard cover the authentication screen
29130 Bug iOS - Panic -User can press panic button without login
29131 Bug iOS - Panic - App stuck when logging out
20563 FR Dynamic browser Tab title for SREdit.jsp
9879 Bug ${assetCompany} tag does not show the company name.
29121 Bug Regression - Customize list - Arrange alphabetically
28715 Bug Server- user photos uploaded via API not saved for the user.
28733 Bug Mobile - Server- Create activity is not functioning -unsupported media type
29410 Bug Mobile- Crash when pressing on User Details
29415 Bug Mobile- Crash when pressing editing request user=none on user details
28300 Bug Mobile- 'Alert' receive incorrect values -instead of ID should display state
29315 Bug Mobile- Note is added to list only after user exit SR & refresh
29319 Bug Mobile- Messages- message is not uploaded when adding contact to message
29325 Bug Mobile- Messages-Crash on rotation when message is uploading
29332 Bug Mobile- Attachment- Crash when rotating screen & pressing 'Back' button
28570 Bug Mobile - Valuue captions receives the same value as 'value' instead of caption
28493 Bug Mobile - The second activity is presented only after logout & relogin
28509 Bug Mobile - 'Post' arrived empty(without payload ), DB is not updated
29304 Bug Mobile-Change data from general screen is deleted when uploading attachment
28488 Bug Mobile- When adding activity from mobile the Total presents wrong in admin portal
29467 Bug Mobile- Wrong ui when tabs are empty -Galaxy only
29487 Bug Mobile- Exception in UserDao.saveUserPhoto when user change his profile photo
29504 Bug Mobile- SR type filter is not performing filtering according to selection
27977 Bug Mobile App -Help desk list not supposed to display Change & Problem
28288 Bug Mobile - Assign group list contains 'None' value
28045 Bug Mobile - Category with other filter option (Group) is not filtering
25240 Bug iOS - selecting group = "None" - not saved
27824 Bug Mobile - 'All' value in filter is irrelevant for Android
27836 Bug Mobile - Values are not sent on filter: 'SR Type'
27856 Bug Mobile - Filters: 'Department', 'Company' & 'Location' presents wrong results
21053 Bug Incorrect Activites appear in report
28665 Bug After deploying RDS on Win7-32 error log displays on the "SysAidAgentlog.txt" file.
29459 Bug Mobile- RTL- 'Back' button inside SR is navigating to 'User details' instead on main screen
29577 Bug Add more info to log when exception in save of userConf
28949 Bug iOS -HelpDesk - Part of the filters are not performing filtering
29514 Bug iOS- New Activity is not added on client side while it exist on Admin
28951 Bug iOS - HelpDesk - error message is hidden beyond Tab bar
28704 Bug iOS - Helpdesk- Can't see the additional text in 'Description' field
29295 Bug iOS - Helpdesk- Incorrect url on 'Source licenses'
29524 Bug iOS- Messages tab is missing description while there is a description
29272 Bug Team Viewer: An attended session on a new server without SysAid TV has not been added to counter of Ad-Hoc Licenses Used
29468 Bug No error message when failing login thru \mobile\login.jsp
29469 Bug Mobile- RTL- request user image is not centered in SR view
29544 FR Mobile - When editing the description and/or notes field show multiline input
25901 Bug Mobile App - Not all data displayed in Event log
22399 Bug Admin without SysAid administrator rights can't view company info from mobile app
29084 Bug Filter in Category crashed - problem with "
14765 Bug SR status Settings' page becomes corrupt after specific scenario
25562 Bug in get SR, field activities should not return activities where ID = 0
26586 FR Set an RDS to debug mode from the RDS list
28892 Bug when updating settings - the wrong sub module is entered in the event log
24839 FR Add to the List Actions an option to bulk assign tickets to Admin Group
18194 Bug Can't update addon
28437 Bug Notes field does not allow <> characters
26421 Bug Group with & symbol breaks "valid for user groups" in status list
27447 Bug Assigned to cannot be changed
23611 Bug Email rule sets category to blank instead of 'please select category'
26528 Bug CSMP - backups stopped working for Cloud clients on various instances
28837 Bug Request / Change / Problem SRs ask to be assigned to you when already assigned
18086 Bug Escalation rules do no run on SR's with Categories that contain a / slash
17064 FR Sort Automatic Texts Alphabetically in Compose.jsp
28842 Bug SR opens with blank title/description if one of these fields contain a special character
24755 Bug Helpdesk bug: outgoing email not sent if CC field contains invalid address
21721 Bug In IE11 Advanced filter is not saved
17377 Bug Archived parrent SR
23778 Bug Notification on escalation is being sent even if it is not selected.
22503 FR Email rule - "Enable automatic dispatch of service records" does not work (FR #22287)
21485 Bug Filter 'Company' doesnt work
28654 Bug Agent triggers a reboot not according to PM policy

And many more! Full release notes will be available on version releases as usual.


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