What percentage of your service requests are submitted through the end-user portal?

Approximately what percentage of your service requests are entered through the end-user portal?
100% - Users can submit service requests through the End-User Portal only 15% [ 10 ]
80% 21% [ 14 ]
50% 27% [ 18 ]
30% 12% [ 8 ]
0% - Our service requests are submitted via phone call, face-to-face contact, or other means 25% [ 17 ]
Total Votes: 67
SysAid Marketing
In the spirit of the SysAid Internal Campaign, this month's poll focuses on an issue vital to the health of every IT department:

How, exactly, are your end-users reporting their technical issues?

Are they calling your work line or your cell phone? Are you receiving text messages via SMS? Do your coworkers grab you at your lunch break and tell you about their computer malfunctionings right then and there?

We know, of course, that in order for an IT department to function most effectively and efficiently, it's important to get end-users on board and enthusiastic about using SysAid in their day-to-day routine. The goal of the Internal Campaign is to motivate your end-users to submit their service requests through SysAid. One important option for end-users, of course, is the End-User Portal.

Now's the time to assess and quantify your end-users' activities and maybe take a few tips from this month's SysAid Special Edition Newsletter, too! Take our poll and share your experiences with others. If you have any ideas about how to increase the usage of SysAid among your end-users, feel free to share those ideas with others!

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Elite SysAider
Question for you here....is there a canned eport that will tell us this?

I was going to get my data from the "Users who submitted the most SRs" report, but that report appears to be "Request" users not "Submit" users. If I can find out who actually entered the SR I could determine how my SRs come in.
Andrew Keppel
"if it's stupid but it works, it isn't stupid"
SysAid CEO
Hi Andy,

Actually we have a source field in the service request that should give you that information.
Next release (6.5 - just around the corner - stay tuned!) will address and improve this issue and will enable to get a full understanding on this.

How about you all sharing some more information about the methods of people submitting service requests in your organizations?
i've heard from you some creative ways - please share.
Personally i'm always intrested also to hear some funny "caught the IT in the corridor" stories as well...
Elite SysAider
Hey Saar, thanks for the info.

I saw that there was a 'source' field in the [service_req] table, but for the life of me, I can't figure out what these values represent.

In some of them, a value of '0' seems to represent that the SR was entered manually, and in some of them a value of '0' was created via the eMail Integration...

Is there a list of values that we can use to create a report? Like :

0 = eMail Integration
1 = Submitted by Users via the portal (F11 key)
2 = Manually entered by an Administrator
3 = Entered by an Administrator via the "Phone Call" form

or something like that? Thanks.
Andrew Keppel
"if it's stupid but it works, it isn't stupid"
Elite SysAider
Haim or Techguy, do either of you know this?
Andrew Keppel
"if it's stupid but it works, it isn't stupid"
SysAid Wiz
Hey Andy,

Below you can see the meaning of each of the caption key's:

Not all of the caption key's are available for us at the moment, and will be added in the next releases.

Pushing IT forward
Elite SysAider
AH HA! Awesome! Thanks as always Haim! I see what you mean about this not working quite yet. According to my report, last month I had:
706 : NA
70 : Admin Portal
36 : Phone Call
0 : eMail Integration

I look forward to seeing the improved functionality.

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Andrew Keppel
"if it's stupid but it works, it isn't stupid"
Elite SysAider

I suppose that email integration is the favorite followed by the end user portal. Some users rely on their "drive by service request" strategy while chatting with us.

But users tend to use email integration because its more comfortable for them (they don't need to classify the service request).

I'm still on the first phase, implementing this. Maybe when I get at least 50% I will be upgrading to PRO
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