Tip of the Month: Customize Satisfaction Surveys to Increase User Satisfaction

SysAid CEO
One of the core values of ITIL best practices is a commitment to better service. In the spirit of ITIL, I would like to discuss how you can create and customize a satisfaction survey to send to your end-users when you close a service request. This survey option, introduced in SysAid Release 6.0, gives end-users the opportunity to provide important feedback about the quality of your IT department’s service.

By changing the survey on a regular basis, you can demonstrate your commitment to your end-users’ input. It will also help you evaluate the speed of your service, your level of professionalism, and the general impression that your IT departments gives to your end-users.

Their responses can help you assess how your IT department can and should improve.

On a personal note, I would like to add that we at SysAid are always striving to provide SysAiders with an excellent service experience. We ourselves send out satisfaction surveys to SysAiders after we’ve closed service requests. This gives you the opportunity to express your feelings about your SysAid support experience.

When you receive an email notification that your service request has been closed, we would greatly appreciate it if you could fill out the quick survey that we’ve created. We constantly evaluate the quality of our service, and your feedback is the most important part of this process.

To create a customized user satisfaction survey:

STEP ONE: Change your survey question
1. Under Preferences, go to Customize and choose the Translate tab.
2. Download the “sysaid text en.properties” translate file. Open the text in an editing program like Microsoft Notepad.
3. Open the “Find” box in the editing program, and search for “survey.question.”
4. Locate the line the begins with “survey.question=”
5. Enter the question you would like to ask your end-users, and then save the file.
6. Back in SysAid interface, find “Upload Translation File.” Click on “browse,” and select your saved file.
7. Click on upload.

STEP TWO: Change the answer options
1. Under Preferences, go to Customize, and choose the Customized List tab.
2. In the list dropdown box, find “Survey.”
3. In the available fields, enter the answer options you would like to provide.
4. Save the options.

STEP THREE: Enable the new survey
1. Under Preferences, go to Helpdesk Settings.
2. Click on the General Settings tab.
3. Click on the check box next to “Add a link to a survey question which will only be sent with a close incident notification.”

STEP FOUR: View the results of the survey
1. Under Analyzer, double click on Help Desk.
2. Double click on Service Quality.
3. You will see several links that refer to customer satisfaction: by administrator, category, and company. Click on any of them to view the survey results.
4. To read comments that your end-users have added, you must click on “show comment detail.”
After specifying the information you want to view, click on Submit to see a graph and statistics of the survey results.

I wish an excellent service experience for both you and your end-users!