Do you use SysAid in various departmetns in your organization, or just in the IT department?

Do other departments (not only IT) in your organization enjoy the benefits of SysAid (not only as end-users)?
No 36% [ 27 ]
No, but we plan to increase the use of SysAid for other departments in the future 28% [ 21 ]
Yes, we use SysAid in other departments, but not the SysAid helpdesk tools 12% [ 9 ]
Yes, we use SysAid in other departments, including the SysAid helpdesk tools 23% [ 17 ]
Total Votes: 74
SysAid Technical Writer
Many of you, SysAiders, already found our that SysAid helpdesk can be used not only for the IT department. Please share with us how you take advantage of SysAid’s benefits in your organization:

SysAid Mod
We actually use SysAid in almost all departments except in the IT
IT departments have many requests every day, other departments have less (depending on the size of the company of course). The bigger the company is the more use SysAid could potentially be.
Elite SysAider
We have categories setup for Building Maintenance.

I would like to get Accounting using this as well to bill for clients training and/or special project requests. This has been a less well received though!
Buffalo NY
How do you restrict departments to their own data only? Do you set them up as a separate company?
We have SysAid on every single system in every department. We have 27 stores in 11 states and our corporate office. Every system has SysAid to put in trouble tickets and we can remote into each one.

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SysAid Customer Relations
In order to restrict departments to their own data, you can do either of the following:
1. Create each department as a separate company and then limit the administrators to view their company data only.
2. Place the administrators from each department in a separate group and then limit those administrators to view / modify service requests that are assigned to user and groups only.