Monitoring vs. Reports

Hi SysAid

Is there any way to setup reports that contains the content of a monitoring.

I would like generate weekly reports that show the:

Alert Last update Test type Description
07-11-08 10:35 Network services Ping, Error notification: Server Down

This is only a test... to se monitoring of a server in a offsite location...
(i know that ping isenĀ“t the correct way to surveillance a server... but this is a start...)

I need the report to document "up time" on specified servers...

Any in here who solved this, or has a better way?

Also is there a way to make the SR created (when i set this up) assigned to "unassigned" instead of the administrator who creates the Monitoring

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Guess the Reporting isent the most popular topic here...
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Hey KPK,
Sorry for missing your previous post.

SysAid currently does not provide dedicated reports for the monitoring module.
Our development team is working on many new reports which will be added to SysAid in it's next versions.
You can also post this request for a report in the feature request forums so this kind of report can be considered.

When you create monitoring, you have complete control on the notifications.
You can set up and change the notification (mail, SMS or SR) from monitoring > notifications.
Choose the notification you want to change, go to the "Support ticket details" tab and change the "assigned to" field.
If you don't have it, click on "design form" (blue wheel on the top row, only available in the full edition) and move the "assigned to" field from the "available fields" to the "visible fields"

Best regards.
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Hey Haim

Thank you for the reply...

Looking forward to the next version then

Are there any road map on this issue?

I will try to use you advice regarding the notification...

Best regards

The Happy SysAid user

Kent Praestgaard