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Hello Fellow SysAiders,

Last week there was a warm welcome on the SysAid blog ( and forum to introduce me as the new Customer Community Manager. While I've spent the past couple of weeks getting to know SysAid, the community, and all the fun that goes into a new release, I haven't posted much about myself to the community so you, our friends and customers, can get a chance to know me a bit better. Without further adieu, here's a brief list of my background and interests...

1. I 'grew up' in IT through the service desk. From taking calls at the tier 1 support level, to being on call for a coffee retail chain (and constantly getting woken up at 3 AM with problems), I'm very familiar with the lack of sleep that comes with being in support.

2. I've worked in support for an educational software company, coffee retail, worker's compensation, and in health care. By far, the most stressful environment was working in a children's hospital where yes, we would get calls from doctors saying they're about to perform surgery on a child and they needed the computer to work ASAP to save a life.

3. I love technology. From having an IBM PC Jr. at age 5, through building my own computer in the early 90's. I quite often would spend hard earned cash on laptops and gadgets instead of on new clothes or cars.

4. I'm big into ITIL and IT Service Management. I spend much of my own money getting to be an ITIL v3 Expert, and I try to stay as active as possible in the community. That being said, I do try and stay away from being an ITIL evangelist because, honestly, ITIL isn't an end-all, be-all answer to everything. It's a great guide, and reading the books is a sure way to fall asleep.

5. I've been a developer and systems admin for a few other tools out there. While each one has their strengths and weaknesses, I've come to appreciate the many extras that SysAid offers. If I didn't believe in this technology, I wouldn't be here.

6. I'm big into social media. I'm on Twitter (@itilandme), Google+ (, LinkedIn (Michael Slabodnick), and Facebook. I also have my own blog where you can find information, and jokes, about ITIL and ITSM.

7. I love doughnuts. I firmly believe doughnuts should be an internationally recognized unit of currency.

8. I grew up in Columbus, Ohio. Home of The Ohio State Buckeyes and where winter never ends (it was -2 Celsius yesterday). That's where I'm based out of, so if you're nearby please feel free to let me know - I love to visit and meet with people in IT.

9. I used to work as a consultant with process improvement and ITSM tool development. I gained a lot of experience in a short amount of time on how to improve IT in several different types of organizations, from small education environments up through billion dollar industries. I'm always happy to share that knowledge and experience - feel free to PM me or reach out to me in one of the many social media channels listed above.

10. I have OCD, so I must end lists on even numbers.

As time progresses I do hope you'll have a chance to know more about me and I'll have the opportunity to know more about you as well.



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SysAid Wiz

If you like doghnuts and you're ever in Connecticut, there's a little shop called Neil's Donut and Bake Shop. Cannot recommend it enough.

I think it's posted somewhere else, but would you mind posting a link to your blog for those of us who are interested?


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Thank you for the welcome Dano! I will definitely try the doughnut place if I ever make it to Connecticut. I'm sure I'll make it eventually.

My blogging website is [url][/url]. If you are looking for ITIL or ITSM resources, I recommend starting with itSMF. It's a great organization to get your footing in the process space.

And I'll be sure to get an avatar soon!

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Hey Michael,

Although I learned a lot about you from the blog we did a couple of weeks ago - - today I learned that we have one special thing in, it's not the donuts (I like them a lot but no love affair for me), rather it's the OCD - great to be working with someone who really understands .

Our Community is lucky to have you on board.

Have a great week, everyone!