How to convert a physical server to virtual using VMare

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This is an easy to follow manual on how to converting a physical server, into a virtual VMware guest.

These instructions will work with VMware Server, ESX, ESXI, and VMware Workstation.
Be very sure that you are using VMware Do not use Microsoft Virtual PC or Hyper-V.
Setting up VMware is a lot faster and simpler. Fortunately it’s not Microsoft so it won’t cost you money for licensing.

Licensing is many times an unwanted complication, but something Microsoft loves and is repeatedly burdening people with. There is often exceptional open source software that does the job just as well and better. Now to get started we need to download the VMware convertor.

Just go to
You will be required to sign up, unless it is something you have already done, in that case, just log in. Wait for it to download and Install.

As soon as your download is complete, you can install VMware convertor. Would you be able to do this part on your own? As soon as installation is complete open the program.

This step is easy. Make sure there no programs running that could interfere with you installation. Programs like MS Exchange store should definitely be stopped.
Also don’t forget to stop MSsql would could unnecessary complicate your installation, it is best to stop all open programs, it will save many problems. Now we can start the conversion process.

The physical machine should be converted in a guest; this option is in the top left corner, so click it. Select the stuff that you would like to convert. Should you need to convert a physical server, select first Powered on Machine and secondly this local machine.

This step will convert the current machine, should it be necessary, you can select the option to convert a remote machine as well, if you have full admin access. Now you need to select the destination. Where would you like your virtual machine to be? You have two options; a) A VMware Infrastructure virtual machine, this option will automatically put the new server on an ESX or ESXi server.

b) VMware Workstation, this option will create local files for your workstation. In this sample the VMware Infrastructure virtual machine will be used. The actual procedures between these two options are almost the same. You will need to pick a server name, the one that you would like to use. There are resource pools available, that could be used, but don’t bother too much, since these are still in the testing phase.

These resources are merely 20/30 GB Linux servers which is not very helpful. Bypass these options for now, since they can be confusing.
Quickly run through the options and decide what you would like to setup on the new machine. You may decide that you don’t want to copy the E: drive and that you would prefer to use the minimum required space. You could optionally install VMware tools.

It is less problematic. So view the details and select finish.

So just make sure everything is as you want it and select finish, this will start the convert process.

Start converting.

By this time you should be able to see your new VMware machine in your inventory. However, don’t start it yet.

The conversion will take some time to be completed. When it is complete.

You have to power down the physical machine and start your VM machine and hope for the best. Now test it.

Test and verify that your virtual machine function is as it should. Now you’re done.
You can now switch of the physical machine, and this concludes this manual.

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