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I have been using Sysaid for a little over a year now and have come to the conclusion that the product has a lot of great features at a good price point. The biggest issue I have seen in the last 6 months has been the deterioration of the stability of the product. I have spent quite a bit of time reading through the forums and I think that there is an underlying frustration with many loyal sysaiders who have spent more time fixing issues with their sysaid setup than they have working on actual IT issues in their organization. From the outside it looks like many of the issues that have cropped up have been because Sysaid has been working to implement new features into the product. There have been a lot of advancements in capabilities even since I started a little over a year ago. New advancements and product features are great but it seems to have come at a serious cost to bug fixing and product testing. I have worked with support and have gotten really great service from my account manager Inna but that doesn't change the fact that I have spent an unacceptable amount of time troubleshooting and trying to fix issues that shouldn't occur in the first place.

Based on what information I have read it seems that Sysaid is working to resolve these bugs and get them fixed. However, I still have 5 or 6 bugs that our organization has been asking for a fix for the last several months and they are still not resolved. I have given up on some features because they didn't work like they were supposed to and were more work to keep running than they were valuable for what they could accomplish.

I would like to know what the future direction is for Sysaid to handle new releases, new feature implementations, and more importantly how beta testing and bug fixes are going to be handled in the future. I think it is clear that something in this area needs change for this product to continue to be a reliable tool for tracking, solving, and keeping records for IT issues. I also think that it would be very useful for current customers to get a sense of how this process is being improved and how we can expect that these types of issues are going to be anomaly rather than the new normal.
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I am very, very, very sorry that it looks like we are ignoring your post, but I assure you we are not. We recently had a long discussion on what to do and we want to let you, along with all the other community members, know that we are listening and that we want to fix all your issues, especially addressing those that are most important to you.

First, you have Michael and me here to help you at any time. If you would like to speak with me directly, just say the word and I’ll be happy to call. Also, we have opened a new forum under beta issues titled Known Issues and we would like to ask everyone to post about current issues or existing SR#’s so we can have an open discussion on the most important items, as well as timelines for getting them resolved.

I am inviting all of you to meet me for open and free discussion on the new forum. I cannot wait to see you all there.

i would just like to say its one thing when software is beta. or being a pathfinder. You expect to work through issues and and find weird stuff. I expected every bit of that. But we aren't beta anymore. 14 was released waaaay too early imho. I am certain that a lot of people wanted in on the beta for patch management. It works....ok. Other stuff is whigged out so we check daily for the next release hoping to get something. In particular, since im on a soapbox, the agents and updating agents is insane. Why in the world would we push out 14 when we KNEW the agent was buggy. Since 9.x even? Luckily i only have about 170 assets so its not a huge deal. I can only imagine that people with hundreds more, or thousands of nodes are going crazy. If there is one feature that NEEEEEEEDS to work its agent rollout.

All in all Ive been really happy with sysaid over the years and the techs have always been top notch help. But I judge great products by not needing support to begin with, not just on the level of support i get. This last year has been really disappointing to a lot of people. Love the new features, just not at the cost of solid app performance.
Thanks for your response. I appreciate that you are willing to respond to tough questions on the forum and engage your customers regarding ongoing issues. I also appreciate that you are willing to have some discussion with myself and my team via the phone. Many organizations do not offer this type access to organization leadership. The new forum where everyone can post bugs and receive some feedback about a resolution sounds like a welcome addition to the communication channel for customers. Having an area that we can get periodic updates and allow other sysaid users to see progress goes a long way.
We are currently using the Cloud based solution and these problems that I have been dealing with are all in production. Seeing as these are not beta issues I am not sure that is the appropriate place for these problems? I see that there is a forum for known issues but it is noticeably absent of any actual bugs that most people are talking about on the forum.
I personally opened some support tickets for issues we have experienced and found that some of them were known bugs (at least known internally to sysaid) but once they are identified as a bug I have idea if any of the tickets or issues that I have raised have been addressed. In general I will receive an email saying that it is a known bug and then I will never get an update on a fix, workaround, or other solution. I can provide a good example of one issue or bug that is very well known – Internet Explorer 11 does not open attachments properly. Another example are the many problems people are having updating, installing, and managing asset agents. I think the sysaid community would benefit from some more transparency on the resolution on some of those issues that are affecting the majority of users.

Unfortunately it's the same on my side..

We are using Sysaid since years and at the beginning the support was great - I we arranged remote sessions and the support guys were almonst every time able to fix the problem on the first remote session.

Now I'm getting frustrating questions which are not related to my problem (I have some problems with the internet explorer and sysaid and the german support asked which database I'm currently using...). Sometimes I have the impression that they hope that I won't reply. Honestly, I gave up very early on some tickets because they just have stolen my expensive time to get more and more information which are not necessary to resolve the problem.

I love the new features Sysaid is implementing (Email rules is one of my favorites --> very simple to develop but it took years until this feature request got in place) but to me it also looks like that if a new feature got implemented, another one got broken.

Please sysaid invest more time in resolving critical issues instead of implementing new features....

AND please provide the supported we had years ago - e. g. through sysaid chat (now I only get the message that my key account from Germany will get in contact with me--> this takes always days/weeks, even if it's a critical issue for my organization). and please provide more remote sessions. On last tickets I had to record a video while I'm moving an email from my inbox to the helpdesk inbox... ridiculous and very time consuming..

hope that the future of sysaid is going to be better - otherwise I won't invest any money in Sysaid anymore
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We've never had much luck with SysAid or the support we have received. We've been using the product since version 7.5. I just got notified today that we have been moved to a new account manager for the 4th or 5th time.

Our company has shelved our deployment of SysAid twice now, for extended periods hoping that SysAid would resolve issues in future releases. So far that hasn't happened every new release seems to bring new issues to deal with and sends us back to the drawing board in trying to actually deploy the product in a meaningful way for us.

Currently I'm in the process of trying to deploy SysAid for 3rd time, I've been working with Danny from SysAid for over 5 months on resolving our issues. Although we still have many problems Danny has managed to get us farther along than any Account Manager before him. I can't believe how unprofessional of SysAid to pull the one account manager from us that has been making progress for us, before resolving our issues to 100% satisfaction.

I've been very vocal in forums about my displeasure with SysAid, and I intend to continue that until SysAid pulls their heads out of their collective ..... and get's their act together. I monitor every single post on this forum. And I intend to interject with what our experiences have been like on every post that is relevant until we have the product working 100% as their feature list advertises.

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Having it work 100% would be nice.

I'm irked in that there are many Sysaid bugs known but they NEVER issue patches.

If they started issuing patches (for Version9)... I'd be a happy guy. Others might be a tad happier as well?

Upgrading is BS. Everything I need is in 9, I just want the bugs worked out.

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Hi ITagent5000,

I can't give an immediate answer regarding patching of version 9. At this time, we have been building small iterations after initial release of major versions to address bugs. That being said, I'm forwarding your post onto our Product Management team and even our own CEO, Sarah. We want to keep our customers happy with our product and this type of feedback shows a current gap.

Thank you again for taking the time for your post.