Sysaid Noc


I would like to put in place in our IT Department a simple display of whats going on in Sysaid for example

No of calls in Q
No of monitoring issues
Software installed

CMDB overview of LANS

these are just some of my ideas but what i really want to start with is getting all of this to display on a 365 inch tv in out room and rotate with latest updates any ides on how i could achieve this?
SysAid Wiz
Hi jpurvis,

you can use Manager Dashboard with several views in auto rotation in which you can configure all data you need.

In the future Sysaid will improve it and make even more powerfull!

Elite SysAider
Were hoping to eventually do the same, but we're hoping that we can create our own web based custom dashboard using the API.

We will be mostly interested in showing monitoring alerts and open tickets on a video wall.

SysAid Wiz
I'm not into coding stuff, but I think it's already possible by quering the DB directly (only "SELECT" allowed )