How To Submit IT Support ?

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How To Submit IT Support ?


Ada beberapa cara untuk meminta bantuan IT (IT Support)

Incident --> Insident is an unplanned interruption or reduction in quality of an IT service (a Service Interruption). Question/training --> This type is for general customer questions, explaining something or providing how to training.

Example :

Incident : Email problem, printing problem, application bug and error, can not access internet, can not access network share, computer problem, etc.

Question / training : Asking for guidance related IT problem, How to ?

Request via        :

- Sysaid Help Desk (Press F9 or click sysaid on Desktop

- Email

- Direct Communication or by Phone


Service Request – A formal request from a end-user for something to be provided.

Example : Request of  application Installation , Request of report or form Modification on JS, Request of Computer Peripheral, Request of Refresh Computer or Upgrade Computer, Request Of Printer Toner/Cartridge, Request of Access (such as Internet Access, JS Access, Active Directory Access), Asking to borrow computer peripheral, etc 

Request via        :

 - EDP Support Request on JS for Service Type Request

 - Computer Equipment Request for Computer & Peripheral Request or Borrowed for certain time.

Cara input melalui sysaid, edp support request, cer dapat dilihat di attachment

Edwin 02/07/2013