help regarding a design!!!!

Hi Good Morning All!!!

We are using SysAid9.1. recently we implemented service request form with customized design.

Once the end user submit request using this form, we are started to process this request.

The flow would like as in the attachment.
1. The first tab describes the services requested by the end user.
2. Second tab for the approver to approve the request.
3. Third tab to close the request once this task has been done.

When ever the Approve get approved by the designated approver from the Approve tab, the end user would get a email regarding the status changed.

I would lime to know, how we can set the message contents to send this email to end user.

Please reply me.


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Just the email to the end user?

If you set an attribute on the action item to change the status, then have "Settings>General>Email notification to end user when Status changes to..." set, the request user will get an email informing them of the status change.

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Hi mahesh,

What you'll need to do is create another action right after the approval, except it's going to be empty.

1. Under Settings -> Service Desk Templates -> Workflow Notifications, create a new notification for what will be sent to the user. The recipient will be $RequestUser.
2. Now, go back to your workflow and after the approval action item, add a new action item.
3. Under the new action item, use the Notification ID to be the notification you just created. The notification method should be "On activation," the autocomplete should be checked, and you can create a dependency to have the previous approval workflow complete, as well as using a filter to have "Approved = Y". The Approved value should be on the initial approval item, so when the manager gives approval, they select the answer. Check out the attached screenshot of the attribute.
4. Be sure to save everything.

Now, when the approval is marked as complete and Approval field has value Y, the next action item will continue, which is to send the approval notification.
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978 can go with Dano.