Escalation Rules involving workflow actions

Hello all,

We have a change workflow with a workflow action that asks for the approval of an end user (not the request user). Now, we need to create an escalation rule to notify this approver after some time that his approval is pending. We can trigger the escalation rule based on the last modified time and current status, but we don't know how to address the notification to the approver, once that he is not in any of the available addressing options (assigned admin, assigned admin's manager, request user, responsible admin, admin group, service record CC).

How can we accomplish that?

Thanks in advance,
Cristiano Machado Cesário
SysAid Wiz
It's a tricky issue,

if you are using a Full Edition you could copy the action item assigned user to the field SR responsible admin (it's not a standard use of that field) using a aftersave trigger.
then you can use an Escalation Rules. The after save trigger is necessary beacuse that field can be filled only with admin users.

otherwise, if you have a small set of users that could be involved in this process you can consider to create an ER for each user to send a "personal" notification with a fixed user.
don't ask me how to write the trigger because I'm not a developer, all infos can be found into on line help