Newsletter monthly tip - December

SysAid CEO
Hello all,

I thought you could use this information please see below my monthly tip:

My tip this month is a new exciting feature that was implemented in the last SysAid 5.6 release for users of the SysAid Full edition. The new feature enables you to select specific information under the registry that SysAid agent will pull.
For example:

Version of specific install that is significant to you and you wish to display under our asset list information.
Take these four quick steps:
1. Go to Preferences -> Asset Setting -> Registry Keys.
2. Under Full Registry key path -enter the complete path to the specific location where the information will appear under registry.
3. Go to System -> Asset List -> open any asset, click on Design Form icon , look for a field named Registry Value under available fields and move it to visible fields.
4. Click on Save.

Now to verify that everything is correct, what you need to do is go to:
Preferences -> Asset Settings -> next to inventory click Run Now.
This could take a few minutes, so check again if the information appears under registry value field.

Till next month keep enjoying SysAid.


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SysAid Wiz

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