How many work requests does your company have a month?

How many SysAid request do you receive on a monthly basis? How many users do you support?

I have 50 users and often times I have over 100 work requests.
according to our reports

October 2008 : 356 Service Requests
November 2008 : 312 Service Reqests
December 2008 : so far 113 Service Request

We have aprox. 200 users.
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We have approx 1600 employees at approximately 150 distributed facilities/locations, with continual growth of between 25-50% annually. We track everything in the helpdesk - all calls, all walk-by questions, everything.

Jan 2008: 377
Feb 2008: 310
Mar 2008: 381
Apr 2008: 328
May 2008: 315
Jun 2008: 340
Jul 2008: 287
Aug 2008: 224
Sep 2008: 174
Oct 2008: 278
Nov 2008: 160
Dec 2008: 108 (so far)

We saw advantages by July of this year due to some major upgrades of our infrastructure (extra redundancy) and a complete standardization of our configurations and setups which has reduced our total ticket count. The jump in October was due to our kicking off a new website, portal, and new email system. Even with a dedicated training effort, this generated a lot of additional call volume from users with questions & needing additional assistance with "something new" in October.

The problem for us now is that since we have built a stable, standardized configuration -- even though we have reduced our ticket volume, the labor required is about the same because all of the "easy fixes" have been addressed by our standard setups -- or a widespread fix gets "pushed out" to all of the machines. Our ticket volume is declining, but the complexity of the requests is increasing and we have more "user training" issues as departments implement more technology solutions to improve efficiency, productivity, etc. The good news is that the impact upon the business processes due to technology issues has drastically been reduced. Helpdesk tickets are no longer indicative of an "outage" or direct impact upon someone's ability to "do their job".
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We had 377 requests last month, I would say that is (so far) an average amount for us. We support about 670 users right now.

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Thomas Hardin
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We are dealing with 2800~ service requests each month with a support team of 9 .

Best regards.

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We had 2529 requests opened last month.

This is mainly e-mail as we haven't opened the end user portal to the company yet.

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- Brian Martin

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Jan 09 - 850
Feb 09 - 904
Mar 09 - 842

We have 8 Support Analysts and an additional 62 other IT support/management users that can modify requests for about 3600 computers.
jan 2009 :88
feb 2009 :108
mar 2009: 133
apr 2009 :106

Around 100 is the average. We have around 100 users.
Sep. 347
Oct. 421
Nov. 327
Dec. 284
Jan. 313
Feb. 297
Mar. 274
Apr. 245
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