Unable to get the "Incoming Email" function to work.

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I am having trouble troubleshooting this issue as there is no trail to follow...i send email and nothing more happens, I dont get a bounce back, so it has gone somewhere.
I have tried two different pop3 account settings, and am NOT changing the email address to my own (as it states so boldly on the form)

I have looked through the manual and it just says the "General Settings" page is a duplicate of the Incoming Email Intergration page so only need to fill out the General Settings page...well this is not what I see.
The General Settings page is full of tick boxes turning different email/SMS settings on/off, but nowhere are the POP3 account feild to fill in.

I am looking for more information around setting this up.

help please
SysAid VP Customer Success

Please try that again. We have applied a fix that may affect your issue. If the problem still exists, let me know


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Hi again
I am still not able to send an email 'into' the sysaidcss system. I have everything in the "General Tab" unticked which I'm sure is probably causing this issue, but everything there looks like it want to email someone a notification of SMS them something. I do not want any contact or user getting ANY emails. I just want to be able to send and email to peoplesnetworknz @ sysaidcss . com (without spaces) and that email generate a service request.

At the moment when I send an email to this address...nothing at all happens.
As I said, i'm sure its a setting I need to make in the software, but not sure what.


Glen Bellamy
SysAid Customer Success Manager
Dear APN

In order to resolve this issue , please send a screen shot of:

1. Preferences > Integration > Email
2. Preferences > CSS settings

looking forward to your response .

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I have attached a PDF with 3 screen shots. The CSS settings have nothing ticked at the moment, but I have tried several settings. I do NOT want any email going to any mail boxes. I only want email sent to "peoplesnetworknz @ sysaid . com" to become a service request.
all the tick boxes in CSS settings seem to be about sending users/contacts emails which I do not want to happen.

SysAid Customer Success Manager
Dear APN,

I have resolved the issue you've been having with the email, I will explain now what have happened and how did I resolve this issue.

You had more than one incoming email boxes defined, (according to our information there were two).
The first email integration you were using the email address that you have received with the CSS account but you have changed the host name, user name and password to your credentials.
This email address does not exist in your email server, this why it did not work, I've reverted it back to default and it worked.
Regarding the second integration, you have defined an SSL connection there, which was the reason for the "connection failed". I've disabled the SSL in both of the email integrations and according to the log files everything is supposed to work fine now.

Best Regards and Merry Christmas,
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Thanks for this, yes it has resolved the issue. When i started with the trial versiona there was nothing in those fields, so I put details of my own POP3 server.
Thanks for resolving this.