Help with Categories (examples)

Hello - I have recently installed Sysaid and would appreciate insight on how you have setup your categories.

I am looking for a list of categories which you have entered in your system which you think are concise, yet comprehensive. I understand it's relative to the type of business being supported and I will certaing modify for my needs as necessary.

Thank you for your insight!
SysAid Wiz
Hello dmc3106.
Welcome to the SysAid community.

You can set up the categories in SysAid differently based on the workflow you would like to use.

I can offer you some suggestions on how to configure the categories using the guiding questions:

1. Are you going to support multiple locations/companies?
2. Will SysAid be used by one or multiple departments in your company?
3. which type of reports you need?

In SysAid, you have three category levels, which you can arrange based on different needs.

In our helpdesk (SysAid support), the categories are used to seperate different departments (support, sales, development ect'), and then the sub categories for different topics, and the third level categories for the exact issue.

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Pushing IT forward
Thanks for the quick response and good to be part of the SysAid community!

To answer your questions:
1 - yes (ex - site1, site2, site3)
2 - yes (possibly up to 8 departments)
3 - Basic reporting functionality will be fine

The default, built-in category is displayed as 'Application'. Would it be a good practice to simply add extra PRIMARY categories such as 'Hardware', 'Connectivity', 'General' and then NOT use Sub-categoreis since this detail may be much more diverse? In other words, if the PRIMARY category was 'Hardware', the subcategory could encompass so many particular different isssues, that we could simply skip the sub category and provide additional detail within the 'Notes' of the ticket?

Trying to follow the KISS principle - 'Keep It Simple, Stupid!'

Thanks for your feedback -
SysAid Mod

Will the other departments use Sysaid? I mean for their needs? Like "Cars" ....
If they will than you should break the top level to departments and lower levels as you think.
We left "room" for other departments even they don't use sysaid but they might in the future - we left the window open for them.

If they won't use it for sure than you can go on with the "KISS" strategy. Personally I don't think it's so good but that's me.

Our example:
1-level: IT, 2 level:Software,Hardware .... 3 level (all most every soft we have and "General")
1-level:ERP 2 level: BI ......
1-level:Sysaid 2 level: How to.....

We can now add 1 level: Cars 2 level: accident, break down, minor issue

I hope I have answered your question