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For the benefit of those who have not found them on the website....

The sysaid Faq can be found here

and the Manuals are here:- also accessible by clicking on documentation from the home page above.

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We have two Closed statuses, closed as in Class not on Caption only:
1. Closed
2. Closed (At FAQ for...)

Observation: Upon changing the any support requests' status to "Closed" the message below pops-up perfectly.

However, if we change the request's status to "Closed - at FAQ for..."

The prompt never pops-up. We already checked the: [/] When closing an SR, ask whether to add to Knowledge Base/Self Service

I just wonder how the above prompt is triggered, that is maybe based on Caption not on Class?

Thank you

*We are on v6.0.09 now
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SysAid Wiz
I think you are correct, there are quite a few areas of sysaid that do not pay attention to the class (which was a later invention within sysaid).
vote for this to be fixed here:-