Guide: adding your own company logo to SysAid's reports

SysAid Wiz
1. download and install iReport 1.1.0 from this link :
( don't use new versions because it won't work perfectly with SysAid)
2. log on SysAid as a manager to the manager portal then go to the Design Reports section then open any report you want from the tree select it and click the Modify Report icon above the tree.
3. a new window should popup with the title of the report you have selected ex. Modify report : Active Requests
go to the Report design tab in this window then click the link next to "Download Report File " it should be a
YourReportName.jrxml ex. Active Requests.jrxml
4. after you click the link save it then open the iReport you have install then click file->open and select the file
you have save it right now.
5. in this step you should decide where to put the logo of you company lets say you decide to put it in the summary band in the report.
note: if the summary is not visible in the report click select view->bands from the menu of the ireport then
give it a band height.
6. Adding the Image:
To add an image to the report, select "Edit->Insert Element->Image" from the menu. then you should place you image by drawing it by the mouse.
7. Go to the properties of image field and click the “Image” tab. Give the path for the image by clicking on the “Find” button. you could also write a link from the internet in the "Image Expression" save you report.
8. upload it to SysAid:
go pack to SysAid-> Report Design tab then click the browse button next to "Upload Report File"
find and select the jrxml file you have work on and click the "Upload Report" button then ok button.
9. run your report if it didn't work do step number 8 again , if not send us the sysaid.log file (...\SysAidServer\root\WEB-INF\logs\sysaid.log) to

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