Guide: Removing the windows hotfixs from the "asset changes" report

SysAid Wiz
Please follow these direction to remove the Hotfix,Security Update... from the Asset Changes report :
1. Access the Manager portal (if you don't have Manager permissions,
please assign it to yourself in the Administrator properties in the
Permissions tab - the last checkbox).
2. In the Manager Portal click on Design Reports. You can create a
folder for your custom reports or just click on the root image of the
report tree and create a New Report.
3. In the new report screen choose to create a report from a Template,
and choose the Asset Details By Date as your source template. Make sure the
"Visible" checkbox is selected. Click Save.
4. In the window you will currently open change the name of the report
to differentiate it from the standard report.
5. Then click on the "Report Design" tab. Click the link next to "Download Report File"
to download the jrxml file to your computer.
6. after downloading the file you can open it in the Notepad or by iReport (version 1.1.0 or older)
if you used the notepad find this string $P!{ExtraFilter} in the <queryString> then
click enter and put this string in a new row:
and c.change_description not like '%Hotfix%'
if you used the iReport open the file then click the DataSource in the menu then select Report query
and find this string $P!{ExtraFilter} then
click enter and put this string in a new row:
and c.change_description not like '%Hotfix%'

7. save the changes then go back to manager portal-"Report Design" tab choose that file in the Browse window. Click Open to choose it.
8. Click on "Upload Report" button. Then Click "OK".
9. Try to run this report (double click on it from the Design Report
page) see if the report generated suits your needs.
Note: if you want to remove more result of the report you could add after the Hotfix row for example:
and c.change_description not like '%Security Update%'
Pushing IT forward
A little bump please.....

I'm trying to do this report in v8.1.01 Pro Plus Edition and have followed all the instructions up to the "and find this string $P!{ExtraFilter} then" and can't seem to find this string, so unless I'm doing something wrong, I'm wondering if anything has changed since the original post was raised 3 years and I'm guessing quite a few versions of SysAid ago.

Any assistance in creating a custom report that removes hotfixes and security updates will be greatly appreciated