Guide: Changing the reports page size

SysAid Wiz
1. download the iReport-1.1.0 (do not use the latest version) from this link:
2. go to manager portal then select Design Reports and select the asset details Report from the tree then click the Modify Report in the top pf the screen.
3. a new window should open with the title "Modify report : Asset Details " click on the Report design tab then
click on the Asset Details.jrxml link next to "Download Report File" string and download it to your local computer.
4. open the iReport then open the Asset Details.jrxml file , you should see many rectangles with $P, Now
select "view" from the iReport menu then select "Report Properties" from the sub menu. (see Screenshoot)
5. a new window should appear with Report properties title , look at the page size in this window the change the height of the page as you like , change it from 15.86 to 11 , validate that you are working in inches not cm. then click ok.
6. you should now compile the report to validate that you don't have errors to do so click "Build" in the iReport Menu then select "Build" in the Sub Menu. if you has errors then you will see it in Red in the buttom window if not not you will see this message in blue "Compilation running time".
7. if every thing is fine close the ireport and go back to manager portal - Report design tab then click Browse next to the Upload Report File string and select the asset Deatails.jrxml file taht we work on and click the Upload Report button then click ok to save the changes in sysaid.
8. run the report and see if you got what you need if not do these steps again and verify that the changes where saved alright.
Note: if the iReport is hard for you you can download the asset Details.jrxml file then open it in notepad then change the pageHeight="1142" from 1142 to 792
and the bottomMargin="50" from 50 to 49
then save the changes and upload the file back to sasaid step #7
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