I Bid You All a Fond Farewell...

Former Community Manager
Hello Fellow SysAiders,

I’m usually not one for giving long, drawn-out and emotional farewells. Most of the time, I’m happy to move on to my next professional adventure without much of a thought to those I leave behind.

Fortunately, being at SysAid and having been given the opportunity to join the ranks of the SysAid Community has changed the pattern. It’s with a heavy heart that I’m writing this post to let everyone know I will no longer be carrying the torch of Customer Community Manager. While the reasons for leaving are personal and do not warrant an explanation, I can honestly say I’m sad to be stepping down and I’ll miss working with the hundreds of fellow SysAiders out there. In particular, I’ll miss:

jb1013: You’ve been one of the most vocal members of the community, and your passion for IT has always come out in your posts.
karlson: Es tut uns leid meine Deutschkenntnisse war zu einfach , um in Ihre Muttersprache zu schreiben. Gott sei Dank für Google Translate .
MichaelZ: I appreciate your help on the forum. Both generally and during beta testing, it was always great to see you help share knowledge on the forum.
gdudley: I always looked forward to your posts, especially during beta time. As one of the fellow Americans on the site, I knew I could count on your posts during my normal working hours.
techguy: As another long-time SysAid user, the knowledge you share is invaluable. While it’s been tough to read some of your posts, I always enjoyed that you’re direct and honest in the forum.

While I’m only naming a few specific fellow SysAid forum members above, I’d like to thank everyone in the community for helping to make my time at SysAid one of the most enjoyable moments in my career.

As the IT landscape is constantly changing, I’m confident that the product management, development and customer relations teams at SysAid will go above and beyond in effort and dedication to help ensure this community receives the guidance and support required for IT staff to grow along with those shifting trends. It’s an exciting time to work in technology. I look forward to seeing how SysAid grows - the product, company and most importantly, as a community.

Please note that moving forward, until further notice Roy Eldar, VP Customer Support will be your primary point of contact in the Community. However, you can expect to see lots of other familiar faces too.

Best Regards,
and Stay Classy


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SysAid CEO
Hi everyone,

I just wanted to add my input to Michael’s post. First of all, I’d like to thank Michael for all his hard work. It’s clear to see from the increased levels of engagement and higher levels of customer satisfaction that he’s being doing a great job. We wish him the best for the future.

Second, I’d like to ensure everybody that Michael’s departure will not affect your experience in the community and as a SysAid customer. In fact I am hopeful that I will very soon be able to announce your new Customer Community Manager. In the mean time, as Michael mentioned, Roy will be your primary point of contact. That said, please know that I am here for you if you need me, as are many other members of our team.

Our investment in the Community is, and will, continue. In fact we have some exciting new UI changes to come in January – more to follow.

Please know that we value each and every one of you, without you – our customers – we are nothing. We are all here for you if you need us – listening, helping and engaging.

Kind regards,

SysAid VP Support
Hi all,

I know that I haven’t had a chance to get acquainted with you all yet, but please be assured that I am here to support you as you need me, for any issue – small or large. I have already started working on some of the open community requests that Michael has alerted me to, but if there is anything that requires an urgent response please just let me know.

Best wishes,

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Elite SysAider

It is certainly sad to see you go!
It was very nice working with you this year and was a nice change to see a community presence by someone very active and dedicated to helping everyone out, even with this difficult task. It was very refreshing being able to get on in the early AM and see posts by you.
I wish you luck in your future endeavors and hope you have great success wherever the IT road may lead.

Elite SysAider
Sorry to see you go. Hopefully they find a replacement that stays as active as you have been in the community on your short tenure.

Best of luck.
SysAid Wiz
It will be sad to see you go
Super SysAider
All the best Michael. Thank you for all your assistance mate