Guide: running the "activities by administrator" report for all administrators at the same time

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1. open the manager portal and go to Design Reports section.
2. select the Activities By Administrator report at the tree then click the Modify report icon in the same screen above.
3. a new window should appear with this title "Modify report : Activities By Administrator" go to Prompt tab at the same window then do these steps:
3.1 find the ${ValidateAdmin} and remove it
3.2 find the function ExecuteOK(){ then put this code exactly before it:

function openBrowseAdmin(){
windowprops = "scrollbars=yes,ocation=no,menubars=no,toolbars=no,resizable=yes,left=100,top=100,width=400,height=300";
newwin ="SelectUsers.jsp?pageNo=1&func=SetSelectedAdmin&userType=admin", "", windowprops);
function SetSelectedAdmin(userNameValue){
document.frm.admin.value = userNameValue;
document.frm.adminName.value = userNameValue;

3.3 click apply.

4. go to the Script tab in the same window and make these changes:
4.1 find this code
String userName = requestParams.get("admin");
then replace it with:
String userName = requestParams.get("adminName");

4.2 find this code:
joinWhere = joinWhere + " and a.user_name = " + DBConnection.dbPrefix + "'" + userName + "'";
then put this code one row before it:
if (userName!=null && userName.length()>0)
5. click ok then verify that your changes has been saved if not repeate this steps 1-5 again.

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How to get reports on no. of "verify close" of the service request per category by the administrator and the total count of service request in the same page or separately
SysAid Product Manager Community Manager
Hi Abbey,

This is not possible using SysAid's built-in reports or the Report Wizard. You can use iReport to create such report.

For more information on iReport, please refer to SysAid Help > Design Reports (scroll down to iReport section).