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I am starting a new assignment implementing SysAid Incident and Request management for a medical group in my area. I have a history of implementations with other more complex products. and very proprietary methodologies. I am curious if there are some good suggestions and maybe even some project plan templates for what a successful implantation would include. How are categories defined? How about SLA's and notifications? What are some KPI's that out of the box reporting can support. Any blueprints out there? I want to hit the ground running. This looks like a great product but it is new to me. I think this community will be a great aqsset. I want to learn from those who know. Thank you.
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Hi Steve,

Apologies for the lack of the response from us. It seems we missed this as it was posted in an old forum.

I'll ensure somebody responds to help you ASAP.

In the mean time, please post any additional queries to the SysAid Newcomers forum here: that way we'll be sure not to miss it.

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Hey Steve,

I think for a project plan, you need to define what outputs you want to get out of it. If you just want basic incident management is going to require different planning than a multi-company, multi-site full service management system.

Not a plug, but SysAid does have a jump start service that can help answer those questions (for a cost).
Hi Steve,

Yitz here from the Business Services team.

Would you be able to message me privately about which customer this is for? We would be happy to assist.

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