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I exported my contacts that I have saved in Outlook into a CSV file and also a XLS file. I tried to import them into SysAid but couldn't. The CSV file give me an this error "Error while importing csv file on line 16: 4". So I tried the XLS file and got the error "Internal Error".

With that said, what format should the import file be in? Is there a different way to import these then "import > file name"? Thanks for the help.

I submitted a SR so we'll see what happens. I have high hopes for CSS, hopefully they come through.
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Hello Roadblockx,

We sent you a reply to your service request yesterday and we will continue resolving this issue over the SR since we need to receive more specific information which you might not want to upload to the community.

Best regards.
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You guys rock! Yes, I would hate to submit my data for the whole world to review. Not that there is anything that exciting but my customers may not like it.

I am preparing to reply to your email and send you the requested data. Sorry for the delay.
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Hi Roadblockx
this product is pretty good and have found the support very responsive and genuinely keen to resolve any problems you have.

I have done some importing into contacts and got this same (or very similar) error.
What I found is that if you import any data into a field that has pre populated information, meaning a drop down box with options..."Location" for example, you need to import the numerical value for this "Location" rather than the location itself.
You will find the numerical value for the data under > "Preferences" > "Customize" > "Customized Lists" tab > and you will see every "Caption" has a "Key".
In your CSV file, try replacing the Caption with the Key value.

I must admit I did find sometimes I did not have to do this, so you may get a better answer from the professionals.