Fix: "Categories with the most SR's"

SysAid Customer Success Manager
It has come to our attention that in some cases the results based on "Categories with the most SR's" report are not accurate.

If you experience the same difficulties
1. If you have the manager dashboard, please use the information below to fix the report
2. If you dont have the manager dashboard: this issue has been resolved and will be a part of our upcoming sysaid release.

To fix the report please follow the below steps:

1. Log in the Manager Dashboard, then go to the Design Reports.
2. Choose the "Categories with the most SRs" report then click the "Modify Report" icon above the reports.
3. A new window should popup with this title "Modify report : Categories with the most SRs" , go to the Script Tab.
4. Find this row: key = row[0]; and replace it with key = fld;
5. Click ok button and run the report.

Note: if this doesn't work, please verify that the changes you have made have been saved (repeat steps).

Best Regards.
Ori Sharon.

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