Page loading behavior since version 14.4.35

Hi Folks,

After having upgraded to version 14.4.35 we are experiencing some nasty issues on page loading throughout the variety of browsers (IE, Mozilla, Chrome). For example closing off an escalated ticket stops from time to time at 'do you like to escalate'. Furthermore drop down lists won't show any content or clicking ok won't be recognized. You can temporarily 'fix' the issue by reloading the page but performing this dozens of times per day is really annoying.

Did anyone come around this at an earlier version or might be able to provide a permanent fix for 14.4.35?
I'm also happy to involve Sysaid into this as there was poor response to my initial ticket so far.

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Guten Morge Fricke,

kannst du mir eine Liste geben wo die PRobleme genau auftauchen?

LG Karlson
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We have been experiencing this much long than version 14, probably since version 9 or so when they updated the UI. Column Headers are also hard to drag around to re size, sometimes having to refresh the page, or try to drag over and over until it works.

One work around we use is to go to a new Tab, then back to the one with the menu problems. For example, If we categorize a Tickets categories and they are showing up blank, we go to the solution tab, then back to General and they start working again.
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Hello Fricke,

we are having the same problem on our side. No matter the browser... problem is, it looks like it is getting worse.
Rebooting the server itself din't help either.

The OK Button on Incidents, Problems, Requests and Changes causes problems.
On Chrome it wont work at all, in IE it renders a second header or a third or a fourth...

Kind regards

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Hi Ise,

This is a strange issue. Does this occur in version 14.4, or the latest version as well? When did this start occurring?