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I already search the forum but I didn't quite get it how to do it. I want to add a dropdown list with the Software-Release No on the service request form. How can this be done? Do I need to edit a html-file (which one?) on the server or can this be done via customization in the browser?

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Hi Mike, In order to help you I need to establish something, when you say the service request form, are you talking about the end user portal, or the administrators service request screen, or both ?

First of all you need to go in to preferences and translate
download the translation file,
edit the file
find the lines begining sr.cust_list1
decide which of these best suits your purposes, and change the value after the equals to the right title "Software Release No."
then load the changed file back up to sysaid.

go to customize and customized lists and now find you new "Software Release No." and enter some values for it.

To add this field to the administrator screen, start a new service request and click on the blue cog wheel icon, and simply select your new field on the panel on the left and and add it to the right hand column and the move it up or down to where you would like it on the screen.

To do this for the end user portal is whole different kettle of fish, follow the post here:-

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Hey techguy

Thank you for your help! It works perfectly