Monitor does not pick up process that is running again

I have a monitor that checks 2 Domino processes (nserver.exe - nRouter.exe).
I restarted the Router process and the monitor has picked this up and generates an alarm. However, the monitor keeps saying that the nRouter.exe process is not running, even if it is running again ?

Does anyone have experienced the same problem ?

The process name = nrouter.exe, in the list I have nRouter.EXE, could this cause this problem ?
Is the monitor case sensitive ?
I tested on a second server (same processes) and have the problem also in this case.
If I remove the monitor for nRouter.exe and save the asset config, and then add the monitor for nRouter.exe again, the Last poll says the process is running again.
I have to correct myself.
After a good 1st response, the Monitor now says the process (nRouter.EXE) is down, while the process is running OK.
I was able to fix this issue for one of my servers:

1) stopped the SysAid service
2) modified AgentConfigurationFile.xml
changed: <FirstTime>N</FirstTime>
to: <FirstTime>Y</FirstTime>
changed: <property Name="processes" value="nRouter.EXE" Enable="0" />
to: <property Name="processes" value="nrouter.exe" Enable="0" />
3) removed the asset form assets
4) started the Systaid service again

No I could see nrouter.EXE in the list of processes (with small r).

I tested with stopping and starting this Domino task => OK

So, is the monitoring Case Sensitive ?
And why did if had nRouter.EXE in the process list and not nrouter.EXE the first time ??
I did some further tests and its seems like the sysaid agent is reading the entry's of the ServerTasks line in the notes.ini.

I changed them (all lowercase) in notes.ini, restarted the Domino server, removed the asset, forced the sysaid agent to create the asset again and now, the process list shows the same spelling like in the notes.ini file.

Can anyone confirm that sysaid retrieves the info from the notes.ini file ?

PS: if the domino server is not running (the domino processes are not active), the sysaid agent does not display them in the processes list.
So its seems to be a combination of active processes and the notes.ini file
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Hi Rudi,

I apologize for the late reply.
I have consulted with the team, and SysAid doesn't use the notes.ini file (I understand from your post that this is a file in Domino server).

Regarding case sensitivity - which database platform do you use? From my understanding, it should be non-case sensitive in MySQL and may be case-sensitive in MS SQL and Oracle.


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Hello Danny,

Thank you for this clarification.
Your comments, together with my findings, results in 2 possible solutions for me.

1) I use MSSQL which is case sensitive, and as a result, SysAid monitoring acts case sensitive
2) SysAid does not look at the notes.ini, but it looks at the commandline how the process was started: I see nrouter.exe in the Task Manager as process, but when executing a 'wmic process' command, I see that the CommandLine command to start this process is: 'C:\Lotus\Domino\nRouter.EXE'
This explains why I needed to restart the Domino server after I modified the ServerTasks line (change 'Router', to 'router'). Domino started the servers in after the restart as 'C:\Lotus\Domino\nrouter.EXE' and after discovering the processes with SysAid, nrouter.EXE was found in the list of processes.

So to tackle the problem on servers I did not modify the notes.ini on; if this process is down, and I want to start it from the Domino console:
load router => SysAid keeps giving alerts for nRouter.EXE
load Router => SysAid stops giving alerts for nRouter.EXE

So, I see 2 options for me:
1) make sure I start the process with the correct syntax (check alert message syntax of the process)
2) migrate the data in MSSQL to MySQL

For now, I will stick with option one.

If I need to switch to MySQL, is there a migration procedure I can follow ?

Thx again for you help Danny !
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Hi Rudi,

I apologize, after double-checking this appears to have nothing to do with the type of database. The SysAid Agent itself recognizes the services as case-sensitive, and if the case changes, it will trigger an alert. You can find the names of the monitored services under \SysAid\Configuration\AgentConfigurationFile.xml.

In the case you're describing, I'm not sure I understand how the name of the process changed from the initial nrouter to nRouter, or how did SysAid didn't recognize the higher-case R. Could you please elaborate?

In general however, you have to make sure the processes are named exactly as they were when setting up the monitoring.

Hi Danny,

The Domino server starts the different tasks (processes) based on the notes.ini configuration file.
By default, it seems like 'Router' is in this list and as a consequence, 'nRouter.EXE' is started by the Domino server.
I stopped the task, and then entered the command load router to start the task again. By this command 'nrouter.EXE' is started. So if I use 'load Router' in stead of 'load router', it should be ok.

So, like you said, we need to see the correct spelling (case sensitive) from the alerts that SysAid generates...