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SysAid Wiz
Hi, I have just begun the process of moving all the posts here to their new respective sub-forums, it is our hope that it will make it much easier to find the answeres you are looking for. It may take me a few days to get there so please bear with me. Also I have not spent a long time reading each post in depth, if you think I got the category wrong drop me a pm with the details.

I am working backwards from the earliest posts, but a bug seems to have crept in and the page count is not correct in the SysAid Forum

The known issues area currently also contains posts about the community until I can find a better home for them. (UPDATE - there is now a "Community Related Issues " forum)

for more details on the new forums layout see the announcement here :-



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SysAid Wiz
I have now completed the work of moving all the topics from the SysAid Forum in to their new sub-forums

Here are a few pointers to help you when using the forums to maximise your chances of finding an answer quickly

1) Please use the new wiki and see if your question is listed there - or just read it any way - you will learn lots of things that you never even new SysAid can do!

2) Please use the search facility to see if your question has been answered before.

3) Select the most appropriate forum to post in - most are self explanatory but here are a few pointers for some that may not be :-

  • Asset Management - Not just Asset Management, anything related to the installation & operation of the Sysaid Agent as well, plus all remote control issues

  • End User Portal - This also includes topics on the knowledgebase, as this is a big part of the enduser portal - but you can discuss the administrator knowledgebase here too.

  • SysAid Integration - Anything related to Email goes in here, along with all those posts about LDAP, SMS, CTI and Single Sign on

  • Helpdesk - this covers anything to do with service requests, escalation rules, customisation of views, routing rules etc.

  • Community Related Issues - This is for discussing the SysAid Community forums, anything else probably belongs in General IT Discussions (e.g. A poll on what colour socks do you wear when programming in visual basic )

  • Sysaid Forum - This now should contain anything that doesn't fit in to any of the other areas, Discussions related to Licensing, Customisation (except end user portal & helpdesk areas), Database/tomcat Issues, Installation, Setting up your categories and restricting them to Companies & Users, Migrating to other platforms etc.

  • 4) When you post a question, please include which version of SysAid you are running and if possible which database you are using (MySQL, Firebird, Derby, MS-SQL etc), which browser you are running, it all helps us identify your issue quicker.

    I hope you find these pointers useful and that they will help you to get the most out of the community.

    There are some further great tips from Obelix in his post "[Tips] SysAider - From zero to hero.." which can be found here

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