Chat Notifcations

First of all Hello to you all!

We've been using Sysaid for a number of years now but only for logging incidences. Slowly but surely we have been experimenting with the system and starting to utilise the other services Sysaid can provide.

So far, everything thing has worked/is straight forward to get working. However we have one issue with using chat.

I've read the help manual but cannot find any clues, likewise searching the forum did not answer my question 100%, hence the new post. So can anyone clear up the following question please?!

With the admin online but not with the chat console window on screen, is there anyway to get a visual pop up and audio notification when a new chat session has been initiated by an end user?

Even though we check Sysaid regularly, it would be useful to have this function so when we're working on large spreadsheets/servers etc. We don't want miss a new chat and then receive an email flaming us!

Any help would be appreciated.


SysAid Product Manager Community Manager
Hi Jezzaroo,

This is not currently possible. I'd suggest leaving the window open in the background and enabling the sound effect. If you require another solution, it may be possible by performing a special project with our Professional Services team. If you're interested, I suggest contacting your account manager for more information.

Hi Danny,

I would like to know if it is still impossible to get "Chat Notifcations" or SysAid now has a solution, if yes, whoch one?