Timers running wild...

Super SysAider
Hello fellow SysAiders,

we suffer from a weird problem with our timers.
The "Time to Repair" Timer (this one is already set when you install SysAid and we never modified it) runs at an incredible speed.
For example, on an incident that was opened on january 26. it reached 851613:01 hours... (as seen in the screenshot)
That is about 97 years... and trust me, my colleague is not a Timelord.
Other timers seem to work fine but this one is not only useless it makes an evaluation of the time we spend with an incident impossible.

I will modify the timer and then see if it worked.

Any ideas why that happened?

Kind regards
SysAid Product Manager Community Manager
Hi Ise,

This is an interesting issue. Can you send a copy of your database over to our customer support team for a thorough investigation?