Doubt about Service Request in Portal Vs. SRs in Reports


I have a question about the display of SRs in Portal of Help Desk and SRs in Reports ("Opened/Closed Requests Per Administrator". They do not match at all.
Let me explain:

1. I do a filter in order to get only SRs from 01/01/2009 to 01/31/2009 (only January)
2. Then I only want to see ACTIVE SRs for SOPORTE_SISTEMAS
3. What SysAids show me the SRs (see attached image), it only counts 6 Service Requests
4. But, when I print a report "Opened/Closed Requests Per Administrator", it show me that SOPORTE_SISTEMAS has 25
5. Why I can not see the same info by the two ways of gathering information?


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No.. open/close report said not 25 but 12... only active right ?
But the number still not match (6 and 12).

You sure when you filter you have unfilter every other filtering field ?

How about status like cancel or delete ?

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jsifgar ,
In SysAid, "Active" can refer to different statuses.

In the helpdesk like, the "active" status is a collection of statuses, which you can see by clicking on "customize list" in the helpdesk list, then edit the {$list.status.caption} under "filter menus", and then click on "active" (or {$ to view the statuses that are counted in this status.

Then go to preferences > customize > customized lists, choose "status" and there you have the statuses which are considered to be "open", all those statuses which are listed as "open", are calculated into the reports, and this is probably the reason why the report is showing different results.

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