Multi-tenant Portal Use

We have client admins that submit tickets on behalf of multiple companies. They need to see all tickets for companies they manage in one portal. Is this possible? We tried making that account manager/supervisor over more than one company, but the tickets for the second company are not showing. PLEASE HELP! Need solution by Friday.
there are several options that we can provide. If your admins create tickets and assign them to themselves, you can create a view that will show only the tickets assigned to the logged in admin. This means that when Admin A and Admin B use the same view, each of them will see only their own tickets (this will work if their permissions do not limit them to company data only).
In order to achieve that, please follow these steps:
- go to Service Desk - Incidents,
- click on Customize view,
- paste the following line to the static filter field:
r.status in (OPEN_CLASSES) AND r.responsibility='$LoginUserName$'
- at the bottom type a new name for the view (e.g.Active Tickets).

Another option is to create views for each admin, that will filter out the tickets with various conditions - status, companies (one or several), submit user - whatever works better for your company.

If the above solutions are not suitable, please open a ticket with support, and we will be glad to assist.
Thanks for the quick response. We are actually looking to do this in the end-user portal. I should have stated that more clearly. We have clients that want to use the end user portal to view tickets we are working internally. They are an association with several companies under them. We need for them to see tickets across those companies but it appears the EUP only will display one company. Unless we are missing something...
SysAid Product Manager Community Manager
Hi cpalmer,

Correct me if I got this wrong - you want your admins to see all tickets, not just tickets assigned to their company, correct?

If so - this is set in their respective permissions under Tools > Administrators > [admin] > Permissions, or if permissions are managed by user groups, then Tools > User Groups > [group] > Permissions. The checkbox you are looking for is "Limit to its company data only". This is of course if we're talking about admins and not end-users.