Self-Service Portal - Scoreboard

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Self-Service Portal


The Scoreboard displays a list of your SRs and some of their important data.


You can toggle between the displayed tabs to view the following categories of SRs:

  • My requests - SRs that you requested.
  • Recently closed - Closed SRs that were requested by you and those you supervise.
  • Supervised requests - SRs requested by someone you manage.
  • Workflow actions - Action items assigned to the you.


Click Show All to display the full list for the selected tab.

Filter a Scoreboard list

You can filter Scoreboard lists by the displayed fields.


To filter a list

  1. Click .
  2. Select the values you want to filter by from the displayed drop-down lists.
  3. Click Apply.
  4. (Optional) To clear an individual filter item, select the X corresponding to that value.
  5. (Optional) To clear all of the selected filter values, click Clear All.

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The filter options available to me for Workflow Actions are:

How does one filter by Active tickets? I do not see the same things listed in the 2013 Scoreboard post below.