Custom DateTime Action Item Field

I see you do not have a way to create a custom datetime field that allows users to enter a date and time out-of-the-box (

We have the education enterprise edition and I was looking at the advanced tab on the custom field record and it looks like it might be possible to modify the display in form/list and the client/server validation fairly easily for someone more familiar with SysAid's inner workings than I currently am.

Has anyone tried this and have it working? Can someone from SysAid with the requisite skills chime in?
SysAid Product Manager Community Manager
Hi b#,

This is a feature request #8752 and its main thread can be found here. I also suggest contacting your account manager to add your name to its weight.

Another option would be to get in contact with our Professional Services team to perform this customization - through account manager as well.