[Tips] SysAider - From zero to hero...

SysAid Wiz
You take one look at the forum and you can almost feel the kind of care the support team got for us the users.
Still forums can be daunting to those who do not get online much *do-not-go-out-much kinda tone and grin*.
So to forward the karma of those nameless faceless people who helped me in the past I'll pass their wisdom to you...

Use the watch forum function
It's sitting at the bottom of each page. Use it often but use it wise.
Subscribe the root folder don't frantically subscribe subject.
This way you'll be the know all.
Too much information ? Well... what doesn't kill you only makes you sexier.
Of course if it's totally off-base for you, you can kill the watch.

Track your own posts
If your post is there the relevance is obviously 100% right ? So you better WATCH it.
Either a question, comment or a flirt... who knows ? You'd be lucky.

Use the bookmark
You were lucky. Some of the SysAid jedi of the sysaid support team now post tutorial from time to time. In the past you have to follow SysAid knight like TechGuy with the spirit of 60's groupies to gather his much much needed wisdom. Bookmark these posts even if you don't understand it. Chance is you'll run into what they are talking about sooner or later and do not need to search cause you got everything neatly listed on your bookmark.

Pay attention to posts with zero replies
Although it's possible a post is being ignored simply cause they are crap, speaking from experience here, but posts with zero replies often implies hard cases, stuff that is so wild even those SysAid jedi is not ready for or bugs nobody want to bug.
Aware of this, and you'll know what most people don't.

Last but not least...

Make a habit of clicking that "reply" and "new topic" button
If you got it wrong, you will be corrected - you gain the knowledge.
If you got it right, you will be hated - you gain the fame.
You can't lose.

The path to hero is inevitable you just need to stay alive.
Your only enemies are time...
and blood charging ISP.


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SysAid Wiz
A masterclass from the Master.

And he's right the only way to learn more is to reply.

He is also right an awful lot of the time, has the fame, and is hated.

But everyone knows him. Forum newbies there is a reason for this - learn from him!
*knowing nod and smile to Obelix*

Good post old boy!

When the going gets tough, the tough get SysAid
SysAid Wiz
And yet another of obelix's posts gets a "Sticky" status
Pushing IT forward
SysAid Wiz
Ack! Alright... alright I get where this is going....
*turn to the bartender*
What ever these two drink... it's on me.
*turn back and raise his cold mug of coke*
To all stick-ish !

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Hear, hear to Obelix...
*Raising SysAid Mug in cheers*
SysAid Wiz
By the way....

That is an open list...
Feel free to improve it by adding more tips.
And or killing the expired ones.

*turn to the bar tender again and bark..*
No... no ! Not that zero sugar s*** !
Gimme that rust-eroding toilet-cleaning original one !
SysAid Wiz
Very kind Obelix, very kind!
*raises SysAid Mug*

Something I have found is that the more people know your name and see you around the forums, the more responses you get to your posts. This is of course a general point, not definate. As proved by my Helpdesk style post!
*trying not to sound bitter but failing miserably*

Finally I would like to add the more you try to have fun and help others with your posts the more fun you will have and help you will get in return. I think this place is all about give and take.

See above - Obelix offers me a drink, and I take it. But next time we hit the bars he knows I will have his back with a cold mug of regular coin cleaning stomach rotting original Coke.

Have fun all!


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When the going gets tough, the tough get SysAid