Side Panel Widgets

I agree with the others - the widgets are of no use to us.

One thing I would like instead is a custom text widget.
We would like to write instructions for our IT admins.
It could be custom HTML of rich text, so we could type text and links that we need.

It would also be usefull to see the requesting user's other open SR's. On a list.
The "Requst user's open SR's is just a number - what good is that?
And why do a have to click the green part of the ring - why can I not just click the Number, as would be intuitive.
This needs to be a list, so we can see the facts (titles), and decide if we can use the information for anything.
The number is useless.

Also useful (but difficult) would be a list of similar SR's from other users, based on content in the title and body message.

The "Relevant KB's by Category" need to be changed.
We are not using categories, so we get all the KB articles.
It should match based on key words in title and body.
You can add a new widget for this, and keep the curent widget for customers who use categories.
The widget shows the number of KB articles.
The widget needs to be a list - not a graphical gimmick. We must be able to have facts, and click on the SRs' or KB's listed.
On a list we can quickly see if the related KB is relevant or not. What good is a number.

You need to not look so much on the graphical side, but put yourself in the place of an admin who handles many cases every hours on daily basis.
Usability and functionality must be high priority.
Admins especially don't like too many clicks.

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