Lets talk about the Projects and Tasks Module!

Do you use the Projects & Tasks Module
Yes 82% [ 45 ]
No 18% [ 10 ]
Total Votes: 55
We are using the Task\Project module a lot. I will be voting for your feature list and I would like to see a couple of more features as well. I would like to see a feature to display the health of your projects with reagards to Schedule, Budget and Quality. Even if there was a pop down list where we cold pick colored circles simular to the alerts in the SR module. These colors would be Green, Yellow or Red. This would give your users and quick look to see what the health of your project is. Another thing I would like to see is some place to record your budget information for your project. If there where another 2 or three custom fields for each data type would make the product for customizeable. More reports for the project\task module would be a nice option as well. I am trying to create a couple of reports by modifing the standard reports that are with SYSAID, but it is quite difficult if you don't know how to modify the scripts.
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Hello OCIO,

You have great requests, and i think you should post them in the feature request forum so it can be developed for future versions of SysAid.

Regarding the reports, we are aware that the current tools require advance knowledge in Java and scripting so we are currently working on a new tool for report building that will be much easier.

Best regards.

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Agree with all the requests here.

I'd like to see an easy way of entering projects with sub projects and tasks. Uploade a Project file or excel file. Its bit cumbersome to enter large projects at present.

Linking of projects and tasks across multiple projects and so on.

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Respond wrote:Agree with all the requests here.

I'd like to see an easy way of entering projects with sub projects and tasks. Uploade a Project file or excel file. Its bit cumbersome to enter large projects at present.

Linking of projects and tasks across multiple projects and so on.

I agree that entering in this data is much too tedious and time consuming. As it stands right now, if it weren't for the gantt charts for status updates, we probably wouldn't use it.
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We use projects but do not feel we use it enough. We would like to see a split screen with Service requests and projects in the same view. If you feel this would be helpful lets pump this Feature request up:


It is neat to see all the features that have made it since this thread has started - Kudos to Sysaid!

I have bought SysAid full version after using the free version for several months. As a begginer in the project module, I can figure out two features that I would like to view implemented in the future. I think they were already discuss here but I will leave my opinion anyway:
1. Project template or duplicate project tasks (for example, a new user will have several task, starting with the computer configuration, profile creation, phone configuration, etc, etc. It would be great to have something like a template called "New user").
2. Association between tasks and SR. I see that this is somehow possible, but if close the SR, the task is still open. Or I am doing something wrong, or the integration is not complete!

That's all for now...I looking forward for new improvements!


I would like to add new columns (lists) in the tasks/projects module of SysAid. There are some lists available, like 'custom list 1', but I need a lot of those lists. Can someone please help me to get this option.

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Paul Engels
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Hi pengels,

If you need more custom fields please send us email to helpdesk@sysaid.com or open a SR in https://helpdesk.sysaid.com regarding this issue with short description.
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While this may apply to more areas than just the Projects/Tasks (and it makes more sense to call it that since the Tasks are a component of the Projects, not the other way around), my company is looking for the ability to customize the reports generated from within this module.

For example, we want to enter a project with numerous and detailed tasks as a proposal. All the relevant planning is in place, but we need to present the program to management for financial approval. The inclusion of the project details and tasks is essential to help explain the depth and breadth of the project.

If I choose to print the project, I get a detailed cover sheet/introduction. It has a lot of good information, but it also includes history which, for this puropse, is irrelevant and should be removed.

If I choose to print the tasks, it lists all the tasks, but includes no descriptions. The descriptions DO show if I print each task one by one as it's own page, but this is time consuming and wasteful.

With so much customization possible in other areas, I would like to see reporting that specifically asks which fields you wish to display.

Any pointers on how (if) this can be done would be appreciated.


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Is it possible to duplicate a task. We need the same task to be completed at multiple sites all as part of one project. Can i duplicate the task and update the title and users to be relevant for the correct site
Sysaid is a great tool and we've been using it for years with different companies. We're just getting started with utilizing the Projects module at my new company and have found a few things that are holding us back from implementing further. Here are a couple a couple reasons:

Projects can't be set with a priority. We have many projects listed and can't start all projects at once. When looking at the project list there isn't a way to sort by priority to ensure the right projects are being worked on.

Unable to create dependencies between projects. I need to be able to schedule my team so that they are working on a project that will properly set up the next project. Much like task dependencies, project dependencies are necessary in multi-project scenarios like ours.

If there are workarounds that anyone has discovered that gives us these capabilities, your feedback is welcome.