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addition to this. I have inspected the element of the subtab for the assigned to and found it is called resp4_2, i also inspected the derby database and confirmed it. (tab number 4 (in this case Implement), 2nd subtab where the top is 0, 1 is the 1st subtab and 2 is the second). So question is how do you get this field, or any field from this subtab into a notification under "Service Desk">"Service Desk Notifications"?
I'm trying to add a style tag to the emails but the contents of the tag are populated with br tags, malforming the style.
Is there a way to prevent line breaks from being converted so we can use raw HTML content (css, scripts, etc) for the emails?
Also, it would be great if the SR 'Messages' table would exclude the contents of my style tags so that only the message body is shown; not my arbitrary css code.

In addition to this, is there a way to determine where in the body of the template a sent message will appear? Ie. When I send a message from the SR to an end user, I want the message to appear AFTER the CSS, greetings, ref numbers, etc and BEFORE the email footer.
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AnthonyM wrote:Hi the product. We are well into our use of change management processes, flows and the like and would now like to be able to send custom notifications to users that are responsible for completing a task. By this I mean regardless of the workflow tab (analyze, implement etc) I need to know how to populate end user notifications with information from a specific subtask. ie. If I have 3 subtasks under the Implement tab in a workflow, all assigned to different change managers, then I want to be able to put the current change manager's name in an escalation notification should they sit on a request for more than 24 hours. Does anyone know the actual field of the currently assigned change manager in a subtask (not the currently assigned administrator in the linked SR)? While I am asking, is there a complete list of all the fields in sub tasks so we can pick and chose which ones we would like to include in a notification?

Let me know if you need any screen shots.


Anthony (Melbourne)

Try these : $Assigned_to_sub,$ProcessManager,$RequestUser,$AdminGroup

Oded M

Thanks for that. $Assigned_to_sub did the trick. Another quick one, inside a subtab you have the ability to create custom notes fields. This is an extract of mine

subTab.cust_notes1=Change Requested By
subTab.cust_notes2=Change Description
subTab.cust_notes3=IT Manager Notes
subTab.cust_notes4=Manager Notes
subTab.cust_notes5=Admin Manager Notes
subTab.cust_notes6=Managing Director Notes
subTab.cust_notes7=Implementation Notes
subTab.cust_notes8=Reason for Expenditure
subTab.cust_notes9=Action item custom Notes 9
subTab.cust_notes10=Action item custom Notes 10

How do you populate a notification to an end user with the information from one of these notes fields? ie. notes7


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How could I add to the bottom of every case that I could be reached on Twitter?

for example:

If you need immediate assistance, please contact us on Twitter @HelpDesk
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Hi AnthonyM,

A full list of tags available for change notifications can be found here.


This is something that you could add to your signature. Go to Preferences --> My Settings and add this text to your e-mail signature. It will be added to any e-mail you send from SysAid.

Is it possible to use HTML in the customised notifications screen to make the emails that go out to end users look more professional?

Since 8.5 upgrade $ReqUser.getFirstName() no longer works....
How can I address my end users by their first name in a SR update email???

$firstName does not work...
In reply to @@@,

You can use HTML yes, but you need to strip the whitespace before saving it or SysAid will add
s to your code.

I have a HTML file template that I use (with embedded CSS). I run a macro from Notepad++ to remove all line breaks, tabs and double spaces before copying to the clipboard. I then past that into SysAid.

What a mess!
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Just as RyanArmstrong...

i am also experiencing problems with the HTML End User tags. I have a notification where i use the tags:


And they stopped to work immediately after we upgraded to version 8.5. The only end user tag that still works is the ${ReqUser} but the company administration does not like it because it includes the username before the end user's First and Last Name.

Did the tags change? What tags should I use from now on?

I am currently trying to add a custom field to my Service Request Notification. But it dosen't seem to work.

Here is my with my two custom fields "contactinformation" and "grettingmessage":

Nobody have any answers?
We also have upgraded to 8.5 and first name label has broken.
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Dear LRW,

Thank you for the post.

Kindly attach a screenshot and advice which label is broken so we can understand the situation better.

Thank you