New Cloud Release Now Available: SysAid 9.0.70

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techguy wrote:
most of us don't want these new modules you keep developing, what most of us want is the core helpdesk components, service desk, projects module and asset management that we have already bought regularly updated and improved, instead not more than 3 improvements have been made to the projects modules since we bought it 5 years ago.
Why not deliver just the dynamic forms improvement now to your in house customers? Agile development should be frequent small updates should it not?

I fully agree.
I already have a professional patch management solution - I don't want a semi professional one instead or in addition to. When I say professional here it is because they have the resources to test every single patch before actually releasing them via their upgrade server to us to catch potentially harmful patches.

What I want is the existing modules to actually be finished and improved before anything new is developed.
So many things need to be addressed to get the existing modules to work properly.

Also maybe the number of supported OSes could be cut down to minimize the number of variants that need to be tested?


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Offer a cloud product, which is more a test environment! .... This is the bomb.

1: The quality of your product must be in your development environment to be mature!
2: The customer has the choice of which product he wants to be left!

Option: Cloud or inHouse

3: We (your customers) must deliver quality in our IT environment. Otherwise we expect you to.

4: qualtiy must precede the sale, to the service often includes updates for your product in the cloud or in the House version.

best Regards

SysAid VP Product
I have been in touch with you all via the community since 2008 when we launched the community.

We have constantly been working on expanding SysAid product and delivering features to all customers - you can look back and see all enhancements we delivered within the product and also additional modules we added - and not all modules require purchasing - see the latest MDM module we released in 9.0 that is available without a module purchasing cost (you can manage it within your asset licenses). A large percent of the features you have all been requesting over the years have reached the product and a lot more are in the pipeline!

Now about Cloud vs. In-House. We are not postponing In-House features; we are releasing features to the Cloud earlier - because it is possible. In prior years, features would wait until major releases - every 7-8 months.

This situation did not change and stays the same for In-House customers today. Cloud edition allows us to release features as soon as they are developed, something that is much more challenging in the case of the In-House, and is done in very specific cases with critical security or other urgent issues (e.g. Java fix and Chrome issue) but not for major features.

Now to answer your questions on our plans - the new feature discussed in the webinar just became available for Cloud customers, and will be packaged in our upcoming major release together with the new UI we are working hard on and additional features. The plan is to be able to launch a Beta in July and official release a few weeks later.

I will not repeat the points Dena wrote above about the complex process of releasing an In-House edition - but they are true...

We transformed to agile in the Cloud because it is possible and even a must - moving to be more agile in in-house is possible but requires different resources and processes. By moving to being agile in the Cloud, we are also contributing to the process of the In-House edition and are able to move faster and deliver more features there as well.
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I refer to the bug in the MDM in the Email tab "display name of the user"
For months, not solved!

Or a link to the supplier from the SR, CMDB and Asset display out:
Not for 3 years released

You can follow the SR in your helpdesk!

I think other customers still wait for a problem-solving!

The wait for a Major lasts very long because every day we MDM module and vendor list to work.

Here minor updates During better to resolve problems better.

I'm sorry, but these are the problems your customers are waiting and waiting for years, which is very frustrating to see the update to the new set in the cloud, and as inHouse customer have no chance on an update that could fix the problems.

Thank you for your interest in your clients


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Thanks for the reply Oded, but it still doesn't explain why the dynamic custom forms bit has to wait for everything else to be ready in the major release.
I guess the question that is running through some of our minds is,
do the custom forms have any reliance on what make of database we are running? - if not then surely it just boils down to testing on the current version of tomcat that most of us are on?
or am I over simplifying this one?
techguy wrote:Thanks for the reply Oded, but it still doesn't explain why the dynamic custom forms bit has to wait for everything else to be ready in the major release.
I guess the question that is running through some of our minds is,
do the custom forms have any reliance on what make of database we are running? - if not then surely it just boils down to testing on the current version of tomcat that most of us are on? or am I over simplifying this one?

Totally agree - would love to see a response.

In addition, you've been able to release 9.0.10, 9.0.30, 9.0.40, 9.0.52 and 9.0.53 simultaniously for both platforms. Now it is being indicated that In-House users will have to wait until the next major release to have critical features.

Has something changed? It really seems more like a business decision has been taken to made to cut down on support for in-house customers and encourage them to move across to the cloud platform - which many of your customers simply can't or won't do.
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Hi Odet,

This discussion is not really about whether or not new modules are added and whether or not they have to be bought or are free and nobody questions whether you are doing a great job with SysAid.

What people seem to be worried about is the 'lack' of bugfixes and minor updates. Everybody seems to agree that major updates need a qualified in depth testing process but minor updates are not so easy to understand.

One of the reasons you state is that you are in control of your cloud while you do not know about your in house customers' setup. This obviously is true - could you release the configuration of your cloud setup and give customers the option to allign their setup with yours for quicker in house patching?

Another thing I would like to see is a list of accepted/known bugs and when they are scheduled to be fixed.

Also it would be great if you could revisit some of the older modules since they are in dire need of work to become useable.
In our case I am thinking primarily about the project module and the monitoring module. They are potentially useful modules which we have stopped to use since they cause more trouble than good because of minor issues.

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Yes, I vote for MichaelZ
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MichaelZ has my concerns spot on. We cannot use the project or monitoring modules in their current state either.
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In my opinion the focus should be on the SysAid core and the reason why people bought the product,
focus on the Feature Request forums to add these ideas or fix bugs instead of adding more and more modules to gain profit.
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The question should be: What do my customers need?

Seems to me that more SysAid customers have in-house versions installed of SysAid (we have SysAid in-house, as well).

The monitoring module is half-baked. We use a different solution for monitoring our servers, and network equipment.

The remote control feature works about half of the time. We use other remote control tools that work consistently.

ITIL module needs more thought. Having to start a service request and link it to a change request is too bureaucratic to me.

If the modules that form the core of SysAid were improved, then we, the customers, would be willing to recommend it to more people.

As it is, SysAid is trying to be too much to everyone at this time.
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Hello Everyone,

Without getting into every single person's specific issues within this forum, I want you to know that I am listening to what you are saying, and I understand your frustrations. I really want to thank you for your feedback and let you know that here at SysAid we take it to heart.

Regarding the In-House issue and the timing of its release, I am going to check with Eliezer, our VP R&D, if it will be possible to incorporate a release at the beginning of Q2 that will include the category-driven templates. And I will update here about the progress soon.

If you want to contact me directly, feel free to PM me here.

All the best,

P.S. Karlson - I will talk to you in a little while !
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Hi Sarah,

there are already new? When is the "inHouse" update?

Again thanks for the round table!

SysAid Wiz

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Hi Sarah,

these requests are forgotten?