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Hello, Teamviewer is compatible with MSP version of SysAid?
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Does LogMeIn Rescue still require the Administrator to have the SysAid Administrator rights in order to setup their ID and use the integration?

We would love to be able to use this feature but because of the way SysAid's configuration is setup, we cannot make all administrators SysAid Admins just so they can configure their LogMeIn credentials. With 65 Administrators, that's just giving too many people too many rights and opportunities to make a mistake with something that affects more than their own team.

A better place to put LogMeIn credentials would have been the user profile.
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Hi Chris,

We have FR #24910 and #24913 for this functionality. There is no ETA yet, unfortunately. You can follow this thread for any future updates.

I setup Google SSO immediately upon implementation to simply authentication for all users. We would really like our technicians to be able to use the mobile app. I have been told there is no way we can use the app. I have asked if I can simply convert these users from SSO to LDAP and that isn't possible either.

Using a browser on a phone is not working well either. After authentication it redirects to mobile site and fails. Have to retype url in address bar, then it will work.

Any updates or suggestions regarding Google SSO?