Parent child ticket - Resolution deatils

Hi All,

I am new to ATS,
I had user complained that I closed ticket with out any comments.

We had an network outage and we opened ticket # 100. subsequently another user called helpdesk and created new ticket 200 and attached it as child ticket to # 100.

Next day I closed ticket #100 with Resolution details. child ticket 200 also got closed but does not have Resolution that I added to ticket 100.

So user is upset correctly, but how do I make sure Resolution of parent ticket is updated on child ticket so that users knows that we just did not ignore her ticket and closed it.
SysAid Product Manager Community Manager
Hi Ne0,

The only field that is being copies by the Parent-Child method is the Status field. I can move this thread to the Feature Requests forum. This can also be achieved by our Professional Services team if you prefer - in which case, please contact your account manager.

Let me know.