Auto change exisiting ticket via email rule

Good Morning All,

Been playing around with the Email rules in Sysaid and managed to get the first part of my process working. However I seem to now be a bit stuck in the best way to process the next rule.

Currently and email alert comes in with a specific status and it auto logs a ticket with correct category etc.

However another email comes in within 5 minutes to clear the alert, I want SysAid to automatically close the ticket it just raised if it receives the clear alert, if it doesn't it processes an escalation rule as it is a legitimate alert.

What I am getting however is SysAid raising a new ticket for both the alert and clear notification.

I cannot seem to get the above function...

Any ideas?
I also would like any ideas to this question. Similarly I have setup email alerts to create an Incident for any communication failures between my locations. Invariably most tend to come up in 5 - 10 minutes without intervention which generates a new incident. Is there anyway in which Sysaid can try to match the new alert to an existing incident without creating a new one? I know matching is done once the SR# is present but in this case this would not be possible.
I don't think it can be done but I sending all the same for any ideas.
SysAid Community Manager Product Team
Hey guys,

This is currently not possible in SysAid, as there is no way to recognize a new email without a prefix with SR ID that it's part of an existing ticket.

There is a feature request on this topic, its number is #29625, and its forum discussion can be found here.
Once this is implemented, it might be possible to implement an escalation rule/change how email rules function to perform this action.

In the meantime, I suggest checking with your account managers to see if our Professional Services team can help with this.

Thanks Danny. Appreciated.