Chat Queue bug

Hi Team,

i have created 2 chat queues for 2 separate support groups with separate end users and admins in those groups. however all chat automatically taking the first chat queue instead of routing to the corresponding chat queue. is it a bug or there is way to work it out the way i want?

SysAid Product Manager Community Manager
Hi Shameem,

The chat queues in the current design are manually manipulated by a chat dispatcher or similar, or embed the queue code on your website. The end-user is normally unable to select his own chat queue.

Hello Danny,

Similarly, we have two support queues. It is understood by design all chats initiated will be directed to one queue initially and can be changed manually to another by an admin. However, when a support admin assigned to queue number two initiates chat with a user, following the design to have these users fall into the first queue is not efficient. User are greeted in queue one then immediately bounced to queue number two.

Is it possible to assign specific admins to specified queues?

This way if an admin from queue 2 initiated a chat, SysAid will know to open the chat in the queue the admin is assigned to.

Thank you for your time,

Dominic Ali