Introducing the Unofficial SysAid Wiki

SysAid Wiz
I would like to take this opportunity to publicise the Unofficial SysAid Wiki to all users.

It can be found at

The idea is to avoid repeating the same questions in the forums, or just to help people find things quicker within the forum, highlighting tips, tricks and known issues.
In time it may even replace the known issues and FAQ forums

Please take the time to have a look through the wiki before posting as it answers many questions and highlights feature requests that you may want to vote for in each topic area.

It is broken down in to the following areas:-

SysAid General
Asset Management
End User Portal
Tasks & Projects
Change Management
ITIL Best Practice
Manager Portal
Email Integration
CTI Integration
SSO/LDAP Integration
SMS Integration

All users can contribute to this, if you want to be able edit the pages you will need a Google ID, and then just send a Private Message to TechGuy with your Google ID and I will add you to the editing list.

This is not a finished site, it will be improved as we go along, but please check it regularly as it is updated frequently.

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Good effort! thanks for that very helpful.

SysAid Wiz
In an effort to make information about SysAid as widely accessible as possible , the wiki is now available in multiple languages, courtesy of the usual online translation sites.
Just click on the appropriate flag for your desired language.
SysAid Mod
Techguy !

You are doing great things for Sysaiders.

Ilient I have a candidate for "The greatest among Sysaiders", "Sysaider of the year" ... you got the point
SysAid Customer Success Manager
Dear All,

We sure have the candidate for "The greatest among Sysaiders", "Sysaider of the year" ...

At the moment techguy is leading , anyone else ?
SysAid Wiz
On the subject of the wiki, as of yet I have not had a single person ask for editing access to the wiki, am I flogging a dead idea? or do people find it useful?
It is very hard for just 1 man in his spare time to keep it up to date,
please could people take part in this very little survey here:-

It will take less than 1 minute to fill out.

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SysAid Wiz
i wondered why no-one responded, it seems the link broke
Techguy.....are you by any chance going to update this Wiki anymore? I know 8.5 came out and was just curious.