New MSI Agent Installer Beta Testing

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Update: The beta testing of the new MSI has concluded, and it is now officially released as part of the product. Thank you for participating.

Hey guys,

We're currently in the progress of developing and testing the new MSI Agent Installer, and will be glad for some community help in testing it. We still expect glitches, especially with upgrades.

You can find the new installers (both 32 and 64 bit zipped in each file) attached to this post:
1. Cloud - 17.3.61 MSI zip file: You will need SysAid Cloud 17.3.61
2. On-Premise Beta - 17.3.54 zip file: To use this you will need to have at least SysAid On-Premise beta v17.3.53 installed.

The files can be used the same way as before, and in addition it now functions as a regular MSI without the limitations we used to have before

If you choose to participate in the beta testing, you can post feedback and questions either here, or open a ticket with our support team.

The bug fixes include the following, with more on the way:

Bug# - Bug Name
29321 MSI - Agent Version value is incorrect in Configuration file of agent.
29132 MSI Installation Win10 only- Authentication parameters have not been saved after Repair.
29099 MSI Uninstall: After the MSI uninstallation Team Viewer Embedded has not been removed.
29057 MSI Installation -The "Use system proxy settings" radio value has not been saved after MSI installation flow.
28758 MSI Installation - The "Alt + F5" hot key doesn't work.
28755 Definitions of Team Viewer in AgentConfigurationFile.xml file of MSI Installation are incorrect.
28702 MSI (Installation) -MSI Installation doesn't work.
28638 MSI (Installation) - After Uninstall MSI - error message.
28635 [MSI] Hotkey does not work on W10ent, Win8.1,WS2012, WS2016
28606 MSI (Installation) - Status of Video ticker has not been updated after Repair
28602 MSI (Installation) - Selected icon doesn't display after MSI installation on Win2016-64
28592 MSI (Installation) - After the undeploy SysAid agent and deploy MSI agent the new agent is disable.
28579 MSI (Installation) - After uninstall agent via MSI the "SysAid" folder has not been removed.
28571 MSI (Installation) - After the "Repair the installation with updated icon name parameter" flow I get 2 agent icons.
28528 MSI (Installation) - Agent icon displays with the removed "Submit Service Record Shortcut' check box.
28504 [MSI] Unable to create correct MST file - missing mandatory parameters
28502 MSI (Installation) - Incorrect proxy password after installing with manually Proxy Settings.
28491 MSI (Installation) - After uninstalling of SysAid agent and installing MSI agent FirstTime value is "N" (agent icon doesn't display)
28484 MSI (Installation) - ProxyPassword {EZzrrbMG+dI=} displays in the Agent Configuration FIle.
28480 MSI (Installation) - The "http://[SysAid_Server_IP]:8080" default value displays in the SysAid URL field.
28477 MSI (Installation) - The Manual proxy fields are not required.
28473 MSI (Installation) HotKeyHandler::ProcessingHotKeyEvent Failed to show loading notification
28471 MSI (Installation) - The "Back" button doesn't work on the "Mandatory parameters are missing!" step.
28470 MSI - Installation - Add the "seconds" in the "Run as a service, refresh interval .." text (shortcut step).
28469 MSI - Installation - Shift, Alt, Ctrl check boxes are disabled on the Shortcut step.
28464 MSI - Installing works without mandatory parameters.


Please note that you need to be logged into the forum system to be able to download the files below.
Cloud - 17.3.61 MSI
On-Premise Beta - 17.3.54 MSI

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Additional information:

Silent mode - supported.
Mandatory parameters for a working agent: Account, ServerURL & Serial.

Additional optional parameters:
ICONFILENAME=”Path to new Icon”
HOTKEY=”Key (F11 etc.)”
INTERVAL=”refresh interval in seconds”

UI installation - supported.
Uninstall - supported. - Deletes all registry & application’s directories.
2 MSIs provided: x86 / x64.
Upgrade from “new msi agent” to “new msi agent” -Supported.
Upgrade from “old agent” to “new msi agent” - Supported.
Uninstall embedded services (GFI, TeamViewer etc.) - Supported.
Backwards compatibility - Supported.
GPO - Not fully supported yet.

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SysAid Wiz
Interesting guess I should have check the community more often. I've been modifying your MSI package for at least the last 3-4 versions so I can give my users near single click deployment without having to give them information they don't need to know..

Will I have the ability to do that, or is this still using a transform file?

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I believe it should work normally like any other MSI file.
SysAid Wiz
Danny do you have documentation on the new MSI installer? Or do I refer to previous version ?

My hopes have always been for a user to be able to single click an agent install file. I accomplished this originally using a third party app to modify the .msi from you, negating the need for Orca, and the transform file and such.
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For one-click manual installation by end-users I believe you will still need to use the third-party software. To pass the parameters automatically, an MST file will be needed (GPO deployment will be implemented in the next version). This version requires inputting the server info (similarly to agents) on manual installation.

SysAid Wiz
Windows 10 Pro 64bit Machine: No Icon on Desktop, Service is installed and running. No indications of it being on RDS, and no updated agent/asset info in SysAid
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Does this work on any other machine?
Which version are you using: Cloud or On-Premise?
I'm assuming 64bit agent.

SysAid Wiz
Danny Tashiev wrote:Does this work on any other machine?
Which version are you using: Cloud or On-Premise?
I'm assuming 64bit agent.


Have not tried other machines yet.
On Premise and yes 64 bit. Do you want the log?
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I suggest first checking this on another machine and then please proceed with the agent logs.